Brazil slipped even against Iraq in Olympics

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2016 | 0

the most prestigious football nation in the world is Brazil as they can be seen as the most achieved football nation in history. they have won the World cup 5 times and they have also won the FIFA Confederation Cup thrice as well. However, to this country, the gold medal of Olympics has always been a dream since they haven’t won it yet.

This year, Brazil is hosting the Olympics and thus there was a big expectation on them but they have failed to show any promise. recently, they were eliminated from the group stage of Copa America and it was a poor performance from them. However, they played that without their best player Neymar. they saved him for the Olympics since they have great hopes this year.


However, it seems adding one good player did nothing to improve their overall performance. The first match ended in a draw but they were offensive and showed that they were the team close to winning even though the opponent itself was very weak in comparison. their 2nd match was against Iraq and everyone hoped that this time they would shine but once again they failed to capitalize. to make things worse, the best chance that either team got in this match was Iraq and not Brazil. their offensive trio was once again more or less useless and lacked the sharpness to score any goal.

On the contrary, Iraq showed promise in this match. they played well in every department and was neck to neck with Brazil. it was obvious from their play that they are giving their all and they deserved the draw if not win the match. they came from a very tough group and their evolution was eminent in their play. they will be a team to look forward to in the future.

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