Best & Worst Kits in Premier League 2014-15

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Saturday, August 16th, 2014 | 0

The Barclays Premier League season is about to get going, and the teams will be preparing to strut their stuff in the latest 2014-15 kit. Unfortunately for some of those top flight squads, it looks as though the designers may have been on holiday when their uniform was being created. Of course there are also some great team kits set to roll out on to the field this season, so take a look at my picks for the Best & Worst Of The Barclays Premier League 2014-15 Team Kits

arsenalArsenal’s football kits have always followed in a long line of traditional styles, and I’m glad to see that they have stuck to their format, although a few neat tweaks have been thrown in too. Notice the skin-tight look, smooth lines and of course the immaculate overall organization of the graphics and lines. All in all, the Gunners have the best kit of 2014-15. #Tip: Keep it simple

Manchester United's new kit  There’s something very wrong with this kit, and I think we all know what it is. The only major change from last season’s kit is the sponsor; having gone from AON to Chevrolet, it appears that it truly is the minor details that make all the difference. Perhaps the added white rims around the sleeves add a rather unwanted rugby theme to the kit. All considered, I feel the Red Devils are wearing the worst kit of the 2014-15 season #Tip: Don’t try to look like a truck

NewcastleThere is something about 11 men running around a field, in front of thousands of live fans, wearing a shirt with Wonga written on it, that just doesn’t seem right. In case you didn’t know, Newcastle’s sponsor this year is the notorious loan company, and it would appear that the entire kit has been put off by the oddly designed speech bubble plastered on it’s front. Not the worst, but a long shot from being the best.

LiverpoolKitb2 The Liverpool FC 2014-15 Premier League kit is something else. The above image of their alternate kit shows that some serious thought has gone in to11 the design, but it has maintained the simplistic patterns that are the building blocks of a good uniform. The sponsor’s logo seemed to have played a role in the overall look of the kit too, and fits in rather well. Red, black, white and gold. #Tip be bold, but not too

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