Beckham was saved

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2014 | 0

On a road accident their Audi RS-6 cars got thrashed very badly but thanks to the almighty God David Beckham and his son Brooklin was safe. More accurately there wasn’t even a scratch on their body. The accident happened on south London and the name of the place is Hartfortshayar. The reason of this accident is unknown. But thanks to Beckham’s status Scotland Yard is already on investigation.

Beckham was saved

Hartfordshayar is famous for the English football club Arsenal. Beckham’s 15 year old son Brooklin plays for under-16 team and he had practice on this day. SO Beckham went to pick him up from practice and when they were returning this accident took place.

Road accidents aren’t new for Beckham however. He had to face against car accidents before when he drove. Beckham isn’t skilled as a driver and the accident to prove that happened last October. On his way to get out from his house in Bevarly Hills, his car hit another car that day. But nothing serious happened that day nor was the damage like this. This time however it’s a miracle that both father and son came out without a scar considering the condition of the car. So Scotland Yard is searching for the reason of this accident.

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