Basel mocked 3 english club

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 | 0

FC Basel didn’t feel good after throwing English giant Liverpool out of the Champions League. they made fun of the English giants and they also included 2 other clubs in their mockery as well. Those two teams are Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Mocking Liverpool and Tottenham this season is understandable but Chelsea might not take this as easily as they have been in blazing form this season.

On Tuesday they had a draw against Liverpool at the opponents home ground Anfield where the score was 1-1. With that draw, Basel went to the last sixteen of Champions League with Real Madrid.



After the match they celebrated the win at Anfield. However after that in social media’s they made mockery of Liverpool and Chelsea. Even the club management was included in this and thus this is a poor behavior from Basel.

they made cartoon of Liverpool’s “you will never walk alone.” In the cartoon it seems that one of the Liverpool player is unable to walk and 1 Chelsea and Tottenham player is carrying him.

Last  year they defeated Chelsea twice in the Champions League and in 2012-13 season they kicked tottenham out in the Europa League.

its true that they have won but that doesn’t give them the permission to mock other clubs. So they should at least apologize for this type of behavior.

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