Barcelona would not let Messi to rest

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Lionel Messi is a name of a living legend in football who is playing for Spanish giant Barcelona since the beginning of his career. In the new season of La Liga, he has played all seven matches with Barca and has kept Barcelona to the top of the point table. Just couple of days earlier, he led Argentina to a great victory and made them to Russia World CUp 2018. But however, Barcelona would not let Messi to rest in this week. The coach of Barcelona Valverde would not has any plan a rest for this Argentine legend. He stated earlier that he will not let Messi to rest for now.

Barcelona would not let Messi to rest

In the new season, Lionel Messi is in great form. In La Liga with his club barcelona, he has already scored 11 goals by playing seven matches. And recently by wearing the national jersey, he has played destructive against Ecuador as well. He made a remarkable hat trick in the competition with the national team. Due to International schedule, all European league was stopped as well as la Liga. In Saturday, it will start again and Barcelona will play against Atletico Madrid and it will be the away match of Barca. This will be an important game of banca and so their boss Valverde has disclosed his plan about Messi.

He stated that sometimes, players of the clubs used to participate for the national team in different tournament. Some players used to start the new season late but in the fact of Lionel Messi. It is alright. Valverde thought that Messi is very strong as well as his fitness and to beginning of the season, to help the team would not be a trouble for him. In the ongoing season, Barcelona has played total eleven matches in all competitions and Lionel Messi has played all of them. So, Barca coach has plan to give him rest in future. He also said that later he will think about his rest but for now it is important to keep him in the best eleven. As usual barca coach is very fond of Messi.

Valverde also stated that the competitive mentality of Lionel Messi used to impress him all the time. Everybody knows that Messi has the ability to change the result of the match in any minutes. He is the best player in the World and he knows that and he also can bear that.

In the last round of World Cup Qualifier, Messi’s hat trick led Argentina to qualify for the Russia World Cup 2018 directly. Valverde also worried about the fact. He wanted to see his best player in World Cup and now he will see it.

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