Barcelona won dramatically

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2014 | 0

End of 90 minutes play. The match is on now 4 extra minutes. A goalless draw seems to be the highest probability. But all on a sudden something dramatic happened. Those who were watching the match sleepily had to jump from their seats when Buskets scored the winning goal. With that goal Barcelona got a 1-0 dramatic win over Valencia. The Barcelona team and supporters are busy with celebrating. Right on that time a viewer threw a plastic bottle from the stands and the bottle ended up hitting Lionel Messi. Barcelona forward got some pain from it as well. But why did the viewer got so mad on Messi? Only 2 minutes before the ending of the match the “downfall” Messi did is enough to make any Valencia supporter angry. Cause the goal that defeated Valencia was made by Messi. He dint score the goal but his assist made the goal possible. If he wasn’t there then Barcelona might not have won this match and Valencia such a great job holding them till then.

Barcelona won dramatically

The calculated cross from Messi was nearly struck to goal from Neymar by heading but Valencia goalkeeper made an amazing save but the ball he stopped ended up in Buskets legs and he just made a volley with his left foot. With that Barcelona got their winning goal and they started winning celebration.

Few days earlier they defeated Sevilla by 5-1 and in the Champions League they won against APOEL by 4-0 but that dangerous play couldn’t be completed due to amazing defense put on by Valencia. On 58th minute Suarez had a missed shot, on 66th minute Neymar made a weak shot and these things only made Barcelona fans sad on this play. But on 69th minute Suarez scored which was canceled as he was in off side according to the referee. There is a lot of doubts weather he really was on off side.

On second half, Valencia made some very good attempt on the goal as well. Bravo made few amazing saves and kept the hope for the team alive. In the whole match Messi-Neymar wasn’t playing up to their level. But with that last minute cameo, it will be forgotten.

With this win Barcelona is 2 points behind Real Madrid and on 2nd position with 31 points.

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