Barcelona won against Atletico Madrid by Messi magic

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 | 0

In the last match of Barcelona, they have achieved an amazing victory against Atletico Madrid which was their away match. They defeated the team of Madrid  by 2 – 1. They were about to lose the points but in the last moment, the Argentine skipper showed his magic and scored the winning goal and so, the apprentices of Luis Enrique left the field with victory finally.

Earlier of the match, team Barcelona demoted to the 3rd position of La Liga point table where Real Madrid also lost their top position and moved to the second. In the meantime, Sevilla jumped to the top. But, Sevilla stood on the top position just for a while where Spanish giant Barca replaced them by winning the match against Atletico Madrid.

At the home ground of Atletico Madrid, yesterday Barcelona won by 2 – 1 which was the 9th victory of Barcelona under the manager of Luis Enrique. However, the recent performance of the current La Liga champion Barcelona was not so significant which was seen again in the first half. In the first half Barcelona just attacked couple of times and defended the maximum times. But, first half finished with 0 – 0. But at the beginning of the second half, MSN started to attack to the opponent goal post again and again and got one goal by Rafinha. So, they moved one step than Atletico. But, within short time, Godin repaid the goal and the match became more challenging. At the ending time, Messi netted one goal and separated the winner from the loser. So, he is the hero of the match winning moment. Through the victory, Barcelona moved to the top by replacing Sevilla. Now, by playing 24 matches, Barcelona achieved 54 points where Sevilla got 52 points. By playing 22 matches, Real’ point is 52. Just couple of hours later, they are going to play next La Liga match and has the chance to move to the top again.

However, Argentine captain scored total 20 goals in this season of La Liga competition which placed him on the top of highest goal scorers list. With 18 goals, Luis Suarez is placed on 2nd position.

Now, Barcelona will play their next La Liga match against Sporting Gijon in next 2nd March, 2017 at Camp Nou.

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