Barcelona will win the La Liga – Diego Simeone

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016 | 0

Simi\eone thinks that Barcelona will most probably be winning La Liga this season and get the league trophy.
La Liga is known for the fights of the 3 Spanish powerhouses. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been the only 3 major contenders for the trophy as the other teams don’t even get close to these three teams. Its been that way for quite a while.
However, this season is already looking like the trophy will be going to the hand of the defending Champion Barcelona. Real had a bad first half of the season and was behind by 1 points from the 2nd placed Atletico Madrid with 47 points. Although they have managed to catch up but their performance against any of the top 10 La Liga clubs is not that good and they could potentially end up falling behind again. However, its Barcelona that is simply far ahead of everyone else.
Few days ago, the match of Barcelona and Atletico resolved the deadlock of the three teams. Atletico had equal points to Barcelona before that match and played 1 more match. So, basically considering Barcelona would win that match then they were 3 points behind while Real was 6 points behind Barcelona. However, the deadlock broke when Atletico lost Barcelona by 2-1 and that resulted in 3 points gap from the 2nd place team and 4 points gap from the 3rd placed team. Not to mention that they played 1 less match than wither of those teams and thus the point difference could be 6 and 7. There has never been any history of any team winning La Liga after 6/7 points gap after this stage of the tournament. Thus, in one sense we can say that Barcelona will be winning this season without a doubt.
Atletico coach Simione thinks the same and he said that Barcelona now holds the highest possible chance of winning the trophy this season. Of course there are still a lot of matches left and anything is possible but Barcelona is a team that doesn’t slip when they are doing so well. So basically, their match against Barcelona could potentially be the finale of this seasons La Liga as Barcelona has only one more hard match in the season to be fought and that is against Real Madrid on their home ground which they are the favorites to win.

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