Barcelona wants to keep Neymar

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 | 0

Barcelona wants to increase their contract with Brazilian sensation Neymar up to 2020. Neymar’s agent disclosed this information very recently.

Neymar came to Barcelona from Brazilian Club Santos on 2013. His presence in Camp Nou has become a big part of Barcelona for the moment.

When he came to Barcelona many people made the debate that Barcelona isn’t giving the government taxes properly. Due to that, Barcelona’s previous manger had to resign from his post. But Barcelona always said that this is s false acquisition against them and they have shown their strong stance about this topic.


neymar is currently 22 years old and his contract with Barcelona lasts till 2018. His agent Ribeiro told to the press that Barcelona is wanting to increase the contract time with the Brazilian international even longer. As for estimated time, he said that its at least till 2020.

According to the agent – “Obviously Barcelona is trying to increase the time contract with Neymar. How long, you ask ? at the very least till 2020.”

with this statement it becomes clear that Barcelona is trying to keep Neymar for 2 more years at the very least if not more. However is Neymar gonna increase his contract or not hasn’t been made clear to the press.

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