Barcelona stopped by Atletico finally

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At the home venue of Atletico Madrid, at the beginning of the match Barca was about to lose the match but after the first half, they started to attack and attack and at the end, they successfully made an even score but for the first time in the season of La Liga, the team of Valverde lost the point. So, it seems Barcelona stopped by Atletico finally.

From the new La Liga season, Atletico Madrid has got their new ground named Wanda Metropolitano where in saturday night, they faced against Barcelona. In the 20th minutes of the match, Saul took his team Atletico Madrid by scoring the first goal of the match. But at the end of the second half, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez scored a goal successfully and Barcelona avoided the certain defeat.

Barcelona stopped by Atletico finally

At the beginning, Atletico Madrid made couple of attacks and in 8th minutes of the match, Ter Stegen stopped an attempt by Antoine Griezmann in exchange for a corner. Just after two minutes, this French striker went again into the box and again the savior was the German stopper.

But in 21st minutes of the game, Ter Stegen could not save for the third. From almost 25 yards, Saul made a shot to the goal post and got the first goal of the match. In return attack in 32nd minutes, Messi made a dangerous free kick but no one can touch the ball with the head where Suarez and Pique were there.

In the second half of the match, Barcelona almost took the control of the match and started consecutive attacks. The made several attempts there. In 56th minutes, Slovenian stopper Jan Oblak stopped the attempt of Suarez and so, the guests could not bring balance into the game. After the minutes, the free kick of Messi passed him but the ball hit to the goal post. After the ten minutes, Messi received a ball from Suarez into the goal box but Oblak successfully stopped the shot of Argentine skipper. Just few minutes later, a shot of Messi missed his mark again.

In near of 80th minutes of the game, an attempt from Suarez was stopped again by the Slovenian stopper. Just two minutes later, Suarez finally made a balancing goal by head which was so amazing. Andre Gomez passed a ball successfully in 88th minutes and if Suarez could touch the ball, Barcelona could win the match. In additional minutes of the game, Messi took and dangerous free kick but failed again. However, in La Liga Barcelona won last seven matches consecutively and after this draw, they are still in top position with 22 points.

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