Barcelona is fighting to lift off Messi’s yellow card

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014 | 0

Barcelona will keep fighting to lift off Lionel Messi’s yellow card that he picked up in his last match. After their request being discarded in the tournament committee they are appealing in the top level. The Spanish Giants are very unhappy about the refereeing of this match.

On Sunday in the match played in Valencia’s home ground, Messi got hit by a plastic bottle when he was celebrating the goal near the Valencia supporters stand at the edge of the field. After that it took him a while to return to the field and start playing.

Barcelona is fighting to lift off Messi’s yellow card

The Referee thought he was trying to waste time and thus gave him a yellow card for trying to delay the match. In the report the referee gave to the tournament committee, he said that to waste time Messi took longer time to celebrate and return to the field.

Barcelona can’t accept the fact that the referee gave a yellow card to Messi in that match. They made an appeal against this in the Spanish football federation to lift off the yellow card on Messi. But on Wednesday the appeal was discarded and the committee decided to keep the referee’s decision.

After that they said on their website that they have decided to go to appeal committee with this subject.

On the added time, Buskets scored and with that goal Barcelona won against Valencia by 1-0.


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