Why Barcelona had a draw against Getafe ?

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2014 | 0

Who will Louis Enrique blame ? Fatigue ? or over confidence of Players ? Or should he give credit to Getafe’s defense ? Or is it gonna be the Goal Bar that is going to be blamed ? Whatever the reason, Barcelona has no reason to accept a draw against Getafe with right mind.

is it that Barcelona players were fatigued after the match against Paris Saint Germain (PSG) ? Buskets claimed that this was the case. he said – “We tried every possible way to make things go in our favor but however we had to leave the field without success. most probably we were a bit tired after the match on Wednesday.”

Lionel Messi however has a valid reason and he has someone to blame in this match. That would be Luck however. he is the only one who got the closest to the goal. His shot on 55th minute of the match was stopped but it was neither by Getafe defense or their goalkeeper. his shot got back after hitting the goal post. Its the 8th time Messi had to suffer this. Otherwise, Barcelona most probably wouldn’t have lost the matches they did and Messi would have 21 goals by his name than 13. The closest one to hit the bar post is benzama who had this bad luck 4 times this season. Barcelona had to suffer because of this however. 13 of their shots came back from the Goal post and almost every one of their striker hit the bar post already. however no one was as unlucky as Lionel Messi.

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On this match Neymar didn’t play due to Injury cocern and both Messi and Suarez weren’t up-to their level. Barcelona took 23 shots but they only managed to keep 2 shots in the goal post. They did keep like 76% possession of the ball but having the ball means nothing if they can not score. Rather is was Getafe who made more Chances than Barcelona with their counterattack. If Bravo made some amazing saves then Barcelona would have lost the match rather than getting one point from this match.

Xavi is disappointed with this result. He said – “Today we got a lot of chances to snatch the win but we couldn’t even use one of them. It was like the ball didn’t want to pass the goal line!”

After this draw, Barcelona is 4 points behind the top team Real Madrid who has 39 points and they have 35 points from the same amount of matches.

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