Barcelona Become the Team of the Year of 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2016 | 0

International Federation of Football History and Statistics honored Barcelona as the best club of the year of 2015. They also announced LA Liga is the best league in the world.

Barcelona has been won 5 title in the last year and they have got 379 points from International Federation of Football History and Statistics. Lionel Messi’s team has beyond Italian Club Juventus and Napoli. With 287 points Juventus on the 2nd of this list and Napoli have gotten 268 points which made them 3rd as well.

Garman League champion Bayern Munich is in the 4th place with 263 points and French champion PSG on 5th place with 357 points. The most Champions League title winner Real Madrid are placing on the 6th of this list.

International Federation of Football History and Statistics published all the official tournament club ranking since 1991.

This is the second consecutive time La Liga conceded as the best league among them. La Liag got 1,262 points to be the best and Serie A become the second with 1,177 points. Last year’s 3rd place holder English Premier League currently on the 7th position. But last year 2nd place holder German Bundesliga is in 3rd with 1044 points. Argentina League on the 4th of this list and they have 990 points. And France Ligue 1 have got 914 point’s to be the 5th position holder.

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