Barcelona on 5 match winning streak

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 | 0

Barcelona Coach Luis Enrique can say that his bad times in Barcelona worked as a favor to bring the team together. Puel resigned and Messi’s so called arguement with Barcelona Coach was making things hard for Barcelona. But even among these things, Barcelona won all the 5 matches that they played in this time.

Although they could not defeat Atletico Madrid even once last season, they already done that twice already within 2 weeks. The day before yesterday, Barcelona defeated the La Liga title holders by 1-0 in Copa Del Ray Semi-Finals. However this win will not make things easy as Atletico can turn things around when Barcelona goes to the opponents home ground to play in the recent future.

The match was going to end as failure for Barcelona as even till the 80th minute they could not find the back of the opponent net even once. Everyone started to think that this match is going to be a draw and Barcelona fans were hoping for a Messi magic.


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The magic did come but not in the way they wanted it. on 83rd minute Barcelona was awarded with a penalty but their hope was literary crushed when their savior Messi missed that shot and the opponent’s goalkeeper made an amazing save.

However, Messi didn’t let things end that way as he did score within one minute from that saved ball with amazing speed showing off his skills as one of the greatest player of this time. So the shame of missing the penalty couldn’t even come out as he scored from that penalty indirectly.

Atletico did very well and their coach said that Barcelona should be more careful when they come on Atletico’s field as they still have the chance to defeat them.

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