Barca won by Messi magic: Suarez netted twice

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2016 | 0

Barcelona got victory again over Espanyol last night in their home match at Camp Nou. They defeated Espanyol by 4 – 1 and the audiences once again amazed by Lionel Messi’s dribbling who could scored more than twice but finally ended up with just one goal but contributed all four goals. Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez scored pair of goals in that match and Jordi Alba scored rest one goal. Through this pair of goals, Luis Suarez has reached as one of the two top scorer in La Liga till now along with Messi. Both two players from Barcelona scored 12 goals each this season of La Liga.

Barca won by Messi magic, Suarez netted twice

However, through this win, it seems that Barcelona has taken their revenge where they lost against Espanyol at the beginning of the new season by 1 – 0 though that was not a La Liga competition. Besides, Barcelona needed to win the match because they were some points behind than Real Madrid and by winning this, the current winner of Spanish league has reduced the point difference with Real. Now, they are just three points behind than Real.

Yesterday at Camp Nou, Barcelona started to attack to the opponent Espanyol since the beginning of the match and could have gone ahead after just seven minutes but the top star of the team Lionel Messi missed his first shot suddenly. But at the eighteen minutes, another star Luis Suarez netted first time. Andres Iniesta passed him accurately and his finishing was amazing. Later, Messi attacked again in 29 minutes of the match but did not find his mark to the goal post. So, first half ended up with 1 – 0 goal.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Suarez missed a great opportunity when Messi passed the ball to last season highest goal scorer. But for that incident, Espanyol goalkeeper left the field due to injury. Messi started to show his magic again from the second half and at the 67 minutes, he made fool to four opponent players and shot to the goal but goalkeeper stopped the shot and in the meantime, Suarez got the opportunity and made his second goal. Two minutes later, Jordi Alba increased the difference by the help of Messi. Later, Messi made couple of shot but missed. In 79 minutes, Espanyol scored one goal and reduced the goal difference. At the last moment of the match, Lionel Messi finally scored one goal and the match ended up with 4 – 1.

This was the last La Liga match for barcelona this year. Before ending the year of 2016, they will play just another match in Copa del Rey.

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