Barca could win La Liga 2016/17

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 | 0

Barcelona which is the current champion of La Liga standing of 2nd position of La Liga point table of ongoing season of this largest professional league competition 2016/17. They are just one point behind than the top tier Real Madrid but one of the top three Barcelona attacker and Brazilian captain Neymar thinks that they have still chance to move to the top position and win the title. However, Real Madrid is desperate to retake their previous glory again and coached by Zinedine, they are moving so fast. They played 19 matches of the season and achieved 46 points and Barcelona played 21 matches and gathered 45 points. Each team used to play total 38 matches in a La Liga season and so, they have still number of matches in hand and anything could happen in the meantime.

Barca could win La Liga 2016-17

However, Brazilian striker remembered the last season’ drama. He presented example of the last season states that they were in top position in last season and their nearest contender was about 12 points behind than Barca. But, Barca was about to miss the series and finally by a number of dramatic victory, they won the La Liga title. He also stated that at the end, their nearest opponent was too close and their point differences was just one or two. So, he still thinks that it would be hard but not impossible.

However, he also added that there is still plenty of times in hand and anything could happen in the meantime. Barca has the thirst for the La Liga title and they are also desperate to give their best shot to claim it.

Along with it, as stated by a famous news portal, this star forward told that La Liga is the most famous football competition in the world.

The Brazilian skipper is passing hard time now. He did not get any goal since long but his playing style is also same and aggressive. He used to help other player to net always. So, he does not worry about goal.

Besides, Barcelona has the most powerful attacking side which consists of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr and Luis Suarez which is commonly known as MSN. They can destroy any defence by any minutes of the match. So, though they are few points behinds than Real, but Neymar believes the ultimate glory would be theirs.

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