Atletico stumbled against Villarreal

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2014 | 0

on La Liga, Atletico Madrid got even more behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. They lost to Villarreal in their own home ground by 1-0.

Sunday on Visente Calderon, the only goal scorer was Villarreal’s Argentine forward Lusiano Vitto. the goal came on the 84th minute of the match.

He left the marker who was marking him with sudden sprint and passed goalkeeper Anjer Moya, then he found the back of the opponent’s net from shot that went past the goalkeeper with ease.

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Atletico Last lost in May last year in their home ground. After that they hadn’t been defeated in their home ground and they became very mighty on their home field. After that lost to Barcelona, Diego Simone’s team defeated or at least drawn every match they played at their home ground.

However they created a lot of chances against Villarreal but they couldn’t make any good finish from all those chances. That is the reason, they lost the chance to sit beside Barcelona in the point table.

with 39 points from 15 matches, Real Madrid is in the top position where with 25 points from the same amount matches Barcelona is in the 2nd position.

Even though Atletico lost the points they are still on the 3rd position of the chart with 32 points from 15 matches.

Villarreal however is in the 6th position now with this win.




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