Atletico ruled out from Copa del Rey semi final against Barca

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 | 1

At the second leg of Copa del Rey semi final, Barcelona made a draw against Atletico Madrid yesterday where the match was hosted at Camp Nou. The finished score of the match was 1 – 1. But though the match was drawn but calculating both two legs difference, Barcelona moved to the Copa del Rey final by 3 – 2 goals aggregation. In the first leg of the semi final, Barca destroyed Atletico by 2 – 1 at Atletico’s ground.

Atletico ruled out from Copa del Rey semi final against Barca

At the second leg of semi final, referee has given a number of red and yellow cards and so, the match was amazingly dramatic. Though, Atletico started to dominate at the beginning but the picture was changed just after few minutes. At the ending position of the first half of the match, Suarez scored a goals and Barca took control of the match. But, in the second half, Atletico desperate and made plenty of attack but that did not bring them any luck to defeat the apprentices of Luis Enrique. So, being ruled out from the semi final, Barca made to the final of Copa del Rey consecutive four times.

Brazilian Barca striker Neymar could not be a part of the match due to yellow card and would not play in final of Copa del Rey as well. So, Barcelona has to play the final with great lackings in their forward section. Besides, including Neymar, Suarez also will miss the final because he was given a red card in last match. In the complete match, three red and eight yellow cards were given where Atletico was about to lose the match but in the second half, Gameiro scored a goal and brought a level.

To ensure the final, the apprentices of Simeone had to win the match against Barca by 2 – 0 which near the impossible matter. Atletico could not win any match against Barca at Camp Nou in last ten years which made things more tougher. However, the guest team started to match very well and kept busy the Barca defenders for first twenty minutes. But though, at the first 40 minutes no goals was netted. But in the last five minutes of the first half, the whole things was changed when Suarez scored goal and then the total calculation goes to Barca.

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