Atletico Madrid takes the first position of the La Liga

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 | 0

Spanish La Luga has always been the fight of the two gladiator Barcelona and Real Madrid. While Real dominant before, Now its the age of Barcelona and even 3 years ago, the league champion could have been decided by these two teams. No other teams simply could match them but Atletico broke that chain and became the Champion in 2014 season. Now, they are thought as one of the top three teams and is capable of fighting with the two gladiators on equal terms.

Once again, they leap at the first spot of the La Liga at the very first match of the season. Barcelona was nearly unbeatable last year but they slipped on the very first match of the yea as Espanyol stopped them. This allowed Atletico to leap one step towards the top position and that is what they did.

They do however played 1 match more than Barcelona but now they are 2 points ahead of them and 4 points ahead of Real who also had a poor start to the season. Thanks to the Slip of Real in their last match in league, Atletico managed to prolong their distance from them.


At the same way, Atletico is now technically only one point behind of Barcelona considering they win their next match which is a very good performance by them. Few days ago, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said that Atletico is as big of a threat for their La Liga title as Real Madrid if not even bigger and that is turning into reality.

Arletico’s incredible defense have been the core of their performance and the fact that they only allowed 8 goals in the 18 matches they played is really impressive. However, their offensive capability is straight bad and the coach admitted that they need a fire that they had before. They need some one that can just score goals. They are creating enough chances, so what they need is somehow making the best use of those chances and get the win.

We hope the best for al these teams.

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