Arsenal made draw against Chelsea

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Chelsea is the current champion of English Premier League but it seems that they could not grab the title one more season. They are still plenty of points behind than the top tier Man City on the point table. Earlier in their last match in EPL, they faced Arsenal which was the away match of the Blues. In the match, Arsenal made draw against Chelsea.

Arsenal made draw against Chelsea

In the ongoing season of English Premier League, it was the second time that Arsenal and Chelsea played against each other but in both times, no one can beat their opponent. In Wednesday at the Emirates Stadium, the most thrilling match between the Gunners and the Blues finished with 2 – 2 goals. Earlier in last September, 2017 at the home ground of the current Champion Chelsea Arsenal made their first draw by 0 – 0.

At the beginning of the match, in 13th minutes Chelsea got two most amazing opportunities. But Eden Hazard and Alvaro Morata disappointed the team. In 15th minutes of the game, Arsenal could went ahead. Sanchez made a shot from the eight yards behind which was stopped by the goalkeeper Courtois by his hand and later hit to the post.

Since the beginning of the match, the game was full of excitement with attack and counter attack. In 22nd minutes, Chelsea was saved again by their stopper Courtois. The shot of Lacazette was stopped by this Belgian goalkeeper. First half finished with 0 – 0.

In 63rd minutes, the goal was finally be seen. From the left side of the box with strong and speedy shot, English midfielder Wilshere found the ned. So, Arsenal went ahead by 1 – 0. When Arsenal was happy to getting ahead than the Blues, but after four minutes the Blus returned the goal by a spot kick. This Belgian midfielder was fouled into the box and so, Chelsea got a penalty and brought the balance of the game.

In 84th minutes of the game, Chelsea hoped to win the match when they got the second goals, Italian defender Zappacosta passed the ball to Spanish international Marcos Alonso who scored the second goal for the Blues. But the hope of Chelsea remained untouched. In the additional minutes of the game, Bellerin scored a goal for Arsenal and so, the local team left the ground with important 1 point.

By playing 22 matches in EPL this season, with 62 points Manchester City is in top position on the point table. With 15 points behind Manchester United is in 2nd position. With 46 points, Chelsea is in 3rd position so far. With 2 points behind than Chelsea, Liverpool is in 4th position.

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