Arsenal could not take the first position of the league

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 | 0

Arsenal was given a golden opportunity before their match with Southampton and they totally wasted that chance.

10 matches unbeaten streak of Leicester city stopped at the hand of Liverpool and finally they struggled to score goal in the season for the first time. thus, the 2 point lead over Arsenal could be overturned and they could have been in the end position.

However, what happened in the Arsenal match is probably the biggest gift Leicester could have asked and Southampton gave them this gift.


Arsenal lost the match and by loss should i say that they were thrashed by Southampton. Perhaps you are having hard time believing and so lets see if the scoreline helps with that. Southampton won the match by 4-0. However, Arsenal coach said that even if they were to loose this match, it was the referee’s fault that the scoreline is like that.

According to him, the first goal is offside while the end one is a foul and the third goal was suppose to be a goal kick. its true that some decision seemed to favor Southampton but its also true that you dont loose a match by 4-0 because of the referee. their laziness in the field is the real reason they lost this match.

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