Argentina confident in fight to survive

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 | 0

Argentina could ruled out from the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 but they are confident and determined to beat Ecuador in their home ground. Argentina boss Jorge Sampaoli is also very confident that his team Argentina confident in fight to survive. In Wednesday, the match between Argentina and Ecuador will kick off at 5:30 am (BD) sharp.

In South America qualification, the last match of Argentina was against Peru which was hosted at Argentina’s home venue. But they made an unfortunate draw with them and demoted to the 6th position. And so, after 1970 the two times World Cup champion Argentina is now in doubt again about participating in next edition of FIFA World Cup.

Argentina confident in fight to survive

From South America qualification, team Brazil is in top position with 38 points. Uruguay is in 2nd position with 28 and Chile is in 3rd position with 26 points. Colombia has the same 26 points but there is a little goal difference and so, they are one step behind than Chile. Peru is in fifth position with 25 points and also Argentina has the same points but two times World Cup winner scored few goals than Peru and so, they are in 6th position.

From South America, top point holder four teams will play 2018 Russia World Cup directly and fifth ranked team will have to pass the play off round which will be against New Zealand. New Zealand is the champion of Oceania area.

However, still now Argentina’s World Cup fate is in their own hand. In their last round, they will face Ecuador and they will have to defeat Ecuador must. And at the same time, Peru and Colombia will play against each other and if the match will end up with draw, Argentina will enter the top four ranked and get the ticket of next World Cup directly.

And if Argentina win, then the loser between Peru and Colombia will go down under the Argentina and team Lionel Messi will have the chance to participate Russia World Cup through play off. And also Chile will play against Brazil at the same time and if Chile will lose and Argentina will win, then again Argentina will move to the top four and get the ticket as well. At the any calculation, there is no alternative left of team Argentina but to beat Ecuador in their next match. However, the team of Sampaoli has no lack of confidence till now.

He stated earlier that it depends on his team and they are heavy confident and they know there is no other way and so, they are desperate and going to win.

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