Arda Turan retirement after assaulted journalist

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 | 0

Turkey’s national leadership is now on his shoulders. It was okay to write the sentence in the past. Arda Turan has announced the retirement from international football. Physically assaulted a journalist in Turkey, made a filthy abusive. As a punishment for this crime, he was expelled from the training camp as coach Fateh Terim. After a few hours, the Barcelona star announced the retirement of the.

Turkey will face Kosovo in the World Cup qualifying match on Sunday. Previously, Terim was camping in Slovenia with footballers. Turkey will face Kosovo in the World Cup qualifying match on Sunday. Previously, Terim was camping in Slovenia with footballers. The 30-year-old announced his retirement, saying, “I think the time has come … the final announcement of my career for the national team.”

Earlier, news came that Turan has misbehaved with Turkish senior journalist Bilal Mes. His anger is at the root of a report written by Mes last year during the euro. Where it is written, the coach of the players is going to have a quarrel with the coaching coach Terham.
After so many days, the issue of the report is contradictory to the Turan with  Mes. At one stage, Turan grabbed the Mes’ top. He said, ‘How did he give it, who gave you permission to move on this plane. Who has allowed you to get on this plane ****. ‘

Since 1973, this journalists are doing sports journalism. The veteran journalist in the country’s journalist is respected. The Turkish sports journalists’ organization condemned the incident and made the statement. The incident is not a young player, the captain has played 96 matches. As a result, they are not willing to take it lightly, the statement said.
The court also threatened to take Turan to court. The event does not end here. Today, Coach has removed Turan from the practice. After the retirement announcement, Turan said, ‘I am suffering in this incident? definitely no. I have no regrets. I am calm. I love my country, flag. I have always said that if you are asked for my retirement, I am willing to do it.

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