Another record of Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 | 0

He left Raul behind in one sense but in another sense he still didn’t get ahead of Raul. Messi already broke the record of highest Champion League goals and left Raul behind quite a long while ago. But when it came to the combined score of all European tournaments then Raul was still ahead of him by a few goals. He touches that record on their last game against Paris Saint Germain.

Messi is taking himself so further ahead of everyone else that its quite scary, His play level is only increasin after each day and he is looking more devastating for the opponents after each match. perhaps that is why, almost all the records of the book is not safe from this magician’s magic.




in all type of European tournaments both Raul and Messi has the same amount of goals and that is 76. in the second position there is cristiano Ronaldo with 75 goals.

Another match, another record for Messi. it has become so common in this season that i doubt anyone in the world is surprised with this. Now-a-days making record has become Messi’s second nature. everyone expects Messi to break some sort of record on every match they play.

He touches raul with the equalizing goal against PSG. Only a few days ago he broke Raul’s Champions league record of 71 goals and within anothe match he ended up touching Raul in terms of total scored goals in european tournament. He also broke the record of most Spanish La Liga goal record just a few days ago as well. in this season of breaking records, another record is coming on Messi’s way.

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