Angel Di Maria injured again

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 | 0

Angel Di Maria has gotten injured within a few days after making the recovery from his last injury. This time he got pelvic injury during practice.

Because of this injury Argentine star winger Angel Di maria couldn’t pay against Newcastle United in Manchester United’s last where they won by 3-1. He will not playing against Tottenham Hotspurr in Sunday’s match as well. However Manchester United manager Louis Fon Gal didn’t make it clear weather Maria will be available or not.

The dutch man doesn’t know when will hid 59.7$ million record signing willl be ready for him to use in the field.



He said – “this time its not muscle injury. Its pelvic but its not related to the legs. We are waiting for the experts to tell us about his probability in recent matches.”

After being healed from hamstring injury, Maria played against Aston Villa where they had a draw by 1-1. After that he again got injured during practice. It happened in last Wednesday.

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