Andre Gray is under the radar of both Everton and Aston Villa

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, November 29th, 2015 | 0

Andre Gray is having a great season this time around and he is looking to be in prime form although his club isn’t doing well at all. After all, football is a team sports and one player can only do so much.

However, even if he isn’t able to do much for his club, he sure has caught the attention of some bigger clubs and two clubs are already monitoring him thinking about making a move on him this January.

Andre Gray

Teixeira is actually should get more attention as he only started this season with Brentford and he has already scored 10 goals. He is consistent and sharp in the field which has helped him a lot.

Its apparent that both Aston Villa and Everton is interested in him. They are readying the asking price of 15million euro for this player and might make the offer very soon. Its not clear though if any of the agents of either team has made any connection with him but several sources say that they have sent agents to see his play for few matches and thus it didn’t take long to put the two and two together.

However, who will win the bid and what may happen remains to be seen. We are hoping to see him moving forward and thus he should make the move if he is given the choice.

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