No accident on Boxing Day at English Premier League

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 | 0

the festive mood of Christmas is still all over the world and also the fact that new year is coming. But English footballers don’t even have the time to think properly about these events. Many players had to play in the league in important matches on Boxing Day. after that they didn’t even get 48 hours break as most of those players have another match to play today. Although Boxing Day was good for all the top tier teams of Premier League as most of them won their respective matches.

Louis Fon Gal gave his entire team a vacation on Christmas and in return his players gave him a 3-1 victory in their last match against Newcastle united. Wayne Rooney scored twice in this match and the other goal came from the on-form striker Persie. Although even after this win they are still 10 points away from the top team Chelsea and 7 points away from 2nd placed Manchester City.


United’s rival Manchester City also won by 3-1. But there are some more miraculous things in common in these two matches. Both teams were ahead by 3-0 till 86th minute of the match and they both conceded their goal on the 87th minute of the match. They both won by the same margin.

There were no proven striker in City in this match. The goal scorer’s were Farnandinho, Yaya Tore and David Silva. City won last 9 matches in a row and it basically tells that they are in blazing form at the moment. If they win the next match then they will have the record of their most back to back win broken. However coach said he isn’t worried about records at the moment and is only looking to get the best for the team.

Arsenal won 2-1 and Chelsea won by 2-0 keeping their top position secured.

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