Ex-Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin lands himself in soup after hugging two women at stripclub

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2018 | 0

Former Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin has embroiled himself in controversy after he was seen leaving a famous St. Petersburg stripclub with two women.

Arshavin, who is married to Alisia Arshavina since 2017, reportedly struggled to be on his feet as he hugged the ladies accompanying him.

Reports also added the 37-year-old headed out on a horse after apparently not paying the owner.

The incident, unsurprisingly, didn’t go down well with his wife, who announced she would go off social media until the ‘dust settles.’

This is not the first time Arshavin’s personal life has come under the scanner. Earlier this year, he was photographed cuddling model Olga Semenova at a Kazakh nightclub.

Semenova later revealed she received threats from Arshavin’s wife, claiming she would cut off her fingers.

“She believes that everybody in Almaty throws themselves on her husband,” the model had said.

Arshavin announced his retirement earlier this month.



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