Ronaldo out of form !!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, February 12th, 2016 | 0

Ronaldo is one of the best players of the world at the moment and he is thought to be one of the best of this time. However, people are saying that his time is gone and he is no longer in form. Why would you say that to a striker who actually has a very very good amount of goals this season. To be more accurate he scored 19 goals already in this season and is in the 2nd position which is only behind Suarez. So, why would people make such remarks as to go and say that he is no longer in form?

The reason lies in his match by match performance. This season, he barely scored any goal at all against any of the top teams of La Liga. There hasn’t been any occasion at all where his goal decided the outcome on Real’s favor. Thus, its quite obvious that people will start showing fingers towards him. Not to mention that he is barely scoring outside of Santiago Bernabeu. Which means that his scoring rate at opponents field is even worse than some other players. Thus, people have started asking question about his capabilities.
He needs to get himself comfortable and start scoring goals in important moments. After all, there is barely any point of scoring in match where your team wins by 10-2 and not scoring in a match where 1 goal could get the draw or even the win for the club.

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