5 records of Ronaldo that will be hard to break

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, January 10th, 2016 | 0

2015 has just passed by us and the two bright stars of football world is shining even brighter than before and before everything else, let’s take a look of those things that Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7 made his name for and will take a long time before it gets broken.
Here are 5 records by Ronaldo that will take a long time before getting broken –
1st Record –
Real Madrid has been the home for Ronaldo for a while now and he didn’t take long to make the highest goal scorer of Real Madrid record to his. Its almost like, he just came and won everything. The highest goal scorer in Real Madrid’s jersey was Raul and he scored 323 which took him really long time to get to. But Ronaldo just got past that record within only 6 years and scored 338 goals in 324 matches which has an average of 1 goals per match. It will really be a way too tough record to beat any time soon.
2nd Record –
Ronaldo is the single player to get a position in UEFA best team of the year most times. He is been in this clan on regular basis from 2007 and now holds the record of being selected here the most of the time. There were a few times that he got nominated for playing really well with his country.

3rd Record –
Ronaldo scored 50 or more goals in 5 back to back seasons starting from 2010-11 season till the last 2014-15 season. I doubt any one will be breaking this record any time soon. However, his rival Messi isn’t backing down that easily either. In these 5 seasons, he also scored 50+ goals in 4 of them. So, he will be a strong contender to break this record.
4th Record –
Ronaldo has the won the European Golden shoe award the most amount of times as he is the only player to win it 4 times. He won once in Manchester United and thrice in Liverpool. However, this record is closely followed by Messi who has won it 3 times.
5th Record –
Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer for his team ever and he scored 55 goals in 123 matches that he played for his country. This is the highest by any Portuguese player although people say he isn’t doing enough for his country. But in reality he its not his fault that his team mates are just too weak in comparison with his talent.

We hope that the new year brings a lot for this player.

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