5 reasons why Rafael Benitez was dismissed from Real Madrid

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 | 0

Rafael Benitez has lost his job and Zinedine Zidan became the new coach of Real Madrid. However, the speculation of which reason might have been the biggest one that forced the Real management to take this decision still remains unclear. Here we bring you the 5 possible reasons that could be the reason that they dismissed the coach way ahead of time.
Here is those reasons and hope you enjoy it.
Reason 1 –
Benitez was not very popular Real dressing room. We all know that the dressing room players a very important role and Benitez could not even fill the gap of the last coach let alone establish his control there. This hampered a lot with the performance of the team and that cost him a lot as the coach as well.
Reason 2 –
Real’s bad performance against top teams. This might come as a surprise but Real was not playing bad in this season by any means. They won 17 matches out of the 25 matches that they played under the new coach and that is actually not bad considering each coach needs to have some time with the team before it works out. However those loses came against Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal and they could not win against Atletico either. Basically, they could not beat any of the top teams if we have to say that which is really strange for a team Real Madrid’s caliber.

Reason 3 –
There were also some issues with the player’s personal lives that made his time here worse than ever. The sex related blackmailing issue really harmed the reputation of not only the club but also the coach for being so insensitive and not governing the players more carefully.
4th Reason –
One of the biggest mistake that Benitez did was making a player play who was banned for that match. Not only that, it cost them heavily. They were thrown out of Copa Del ray for such a huge mistake while Benitez did not even know that the player was banned.
5th Reason –
His style of play which was defensive was neither liking to the players nor the supporters. He had players like Ronaldo, Bale, Benzama that can score 10 goals in a single match, thus his reasoning with playing defensively never suited in Real. Thus, it was eminent that his stay will not be long but no one perhaps thought that he would be out in 7 months.

We hope the best for both Benitez and Real Madrid and their new coach.

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