2014 Monaco F1 Grand Prix Highlights

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The next stop in the Formula 1 season will be in Monte Carlo, Monaco for the 6th grand prix of the season. Lewis Hamilton will be looking to make history by winning 5th consecutive grand prix of the season having won 4 back to back wins this year. Nico Rosberg is chasing Lewis Hamilton in 2nd place on the points table with 97 points trailing just 3 points having only won 1 grand prix so far.

Mercedez are so dominant this season and that its becoming boring for F1 fan, Ferrari and McLaren has vowed to make things difficult for Mercedez and challenge them better in the coming race but as the things stand its hard to see anything but a Mercedez win.

Monte Carlo Circuilt Updates:

F1 Monaco Grand Prix Highlights

Monaco Grand Prix is going to be the hardest this season, as the torque power from the engines has been doubled in 2014 cars but the grip of the tyres is still the same which will make this grand prix harder and cars and drivers will be more prone to crashes in the Monaco GP.

We might see many drivers bouning off the barriers and on paper this grand prix looks one where other teams like Red Bull and Ferrari can catch up with dominant Mercedez.

Specialy Red Bull cars might do alot better than the previous races, they are fast in corners but lose alot of lap time on the straights this season and since there are not straights in Monte Carlo we might see them challenging Mercedez.

Full Race Video Highlights of Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix:

The race is schedule for 25th May 2014 and we will get your short highlights of the race immediatly after the sunday race is over while extended footage and download links for the full race will be available later in the night.

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