Formula 1 Prize Money 2014 (Detailed Explanation)

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formula 1 prize money

Ever wonded how much a victory in Formula 1 worth for teams ? well the answer is pretty twisted. It can be worth around $10 million or nothing because the F1 financial stuff is pretty much under the hood. However what we do know is that Formula 1 is a billion dollar business (well $1.5 billion yearly to be precise) and it can generate revenue from all sorts of angles. You should take read out comprehansive guide to Formula 1 revenue generation stream.

How much money goes to the formula 1 teams ?

According to some trusted sources Formula 1 generated around $1.6 billion in total revenue in 2013, that include tv rights money, other rights sales, race fees, Sponsors and merchandise sale, and below is the table which shows how the prize money is distributed among teams. Although technically speaking, there is no prize money but F1 teams do get compensated for being part of the sport.

Formula 1 Prize Money Awarded To Teams in 2013:

Out of $1.5 billion there was around $700 million was distributed among f1 teams. 2.5% of $700m goes to ferrari as they have brokered a deal with formula 1. So Ferrari will get $17.5 million automaticaly and leaving $682.5 which is divided into two categories.

  • Category 1 Payments (the equal share) – $341.25 million

In the first category we have 50% of the total prize money fund which is around $341.25 million and this is divided equaly between the top 10 teams.

  • Category 2 Payments (merit money) – $341.25 million

rest of the 50% is divided among top 10 teams according to where they finish in the championship table. So according to 2013 team championship table this is how the money was awarded to all F1 teams.

Red Bull   1 $34.12m $64.85m $98.97m
Mercedez  2 $34.12m $54.6m $88.72
Ferrari  3 $34.12m $44.4m $78.5m + $17.5m=$96m
Lotus 4 $34.12m $37.5m $71.62m
McLaren 5 $34.12m $34.1m $68.22m
Force India  6 $34.12m $30.7m $64.8m
Sauber  7 $34.12m $23.9m $58m
Toro Rosso  8 $34.12m $20.5m $54.6m
 Williams 9 $34.12m $17.1m $51.2m
Marussia  10 None $13.6m $13.6m
Caterham  11 $34.12m None $34.12m
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