Formula 1 Engineers & Mechanics Salaries ?

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Formula 1 engineer salaries

Engineering will most probably get you a good job anywhere in the industry, but when we talk about Formula 1 engineers they can go on and make even more money than the F1 drivers in many cases. “Adrian Newey” who is currently with Red Bull racing team as a chief technical officer makes somewhere between $3-$5 million a year and that is more than half the drivers in the F1 grid.

But he is an exception, most F1 engineers make more money than your average engineer in other sectors but not over the top salaries which you might be thinking off. But once you start as a junior engineer and work your way up to the top, you can make a fortune with f1 there is no doubt about it. But your have to be pretty good at different tasks like engineering design and modern technology.

Junior Engineer Salary ?

Starting out with F1 as their engineer is somthing quite facinating and it pays well as well. But two people doing almost the same job might get different pay scale as their is no code in f1 salaries. You get paid what you are able to achieve. So to put it in numbers a first year rookie as F1 engineer can make somewhere around $20k to $30K a year.

So once you have couple of years under you belt and you gain experience, wages jump up a little as well. On average a new engineer into his 3rd year with F1 team can get around $40K a year and increase with the experience.

F1 Engineer Job Salary Scale
NO# LEVEL  Experience  Salary
1 Junior Engineer 1-2 years $20,000 a year
2 Junior Engineer 3rd year $40,000 a year
3 Senior Engineer 5 to 7 years $80,000 a year
4 Managerial Postions 10-15 years can reach 1 million a year
5 Chief Engineers Multi-million

Senior Engineer Salaries ?

As you work your way through the junior levels, F1 teams are reluctant to let go their longtime employees and they are pretty good they can rack up a salary of around $80K with in the first 5 years. But with that comes added pressure to perform at all times. Responsibilties increase and engineers start to get hold of atleast one aspect of car performance be it tyres, suspension or wings. There are upto 20 engineers working on average for a F1 team but not all of them are on the same pay scale.

Managerial Level Income ?

A few years back WilliamF1 team’s technichal directors salary was leaked and it was around $469,000 a year, but for sure same rank in other big teams like Ferrari, McLaren etc will be paying more to their even more talented engineers with years of experience.

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