Buy Michael Schumacher Formula Ferrari Car for $3.3 Million

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Formula 1 Ferrari cars auction in 2014World renowned sports car manufacturer and F1 team Ferrari has a few of their vintage F1 cars driven by some of the high profile drivers in actual grand prix up fro sale. Gone are the days when Ferrari owner Enzo Ferrari order the used cars which past their usability to destroy, these days rich F1 fans can actualy buy formula 1 Ferrari cars and put them in their own garage or take them for a spin on tracks.

Available for sale are Schumachers 2006 Ferrari 248 with the chasis number 253, which he used back in 2006 season in the opening three races. The price for that car is set for around $3.3 million alongside quite a few other Ferrari one of which is Kimi Raikonen’s car which he used in 2007 championship winning season.

Michael Schumacher using auction Ferrari at Bahrain Grand Prix 2006

If you were to buy one of these (or both) Ferrari has promised to give away full maintenance and a shakedown session on a certified Ferrari track around the world. Here are the details of some other cars available in auction.

Ferrari F1 Cars Available For Auction
F1 Ferrari 248 (Chasis #253)  2006 (Three Grand Prixs) Michael Schumacher $3.3 m
F1 Ferrari 248 (Chasis #262) 2007 (12 Races) Kimi Raikkonen $3.3 m
Classic F1 Ferrari 1970’s Gilles Villeneuve $1.6-2.1 m
Classic F1 Ferrari 1969 (Australian Grand Prix Winner) $1.6-2.1 m
F1 Ferrari 312T3 (Chasis#033) 1978 Carlos Reutemann, Gilles Villeneuve $1.6-2.1 m
 F1 Ferrari Dino 166/246T 1969 (Australian Grand Prix winner) Chris Amon $1.3-1.9m
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