Top 10 Soccer Players

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, December 12th, 2014 | 0

this is our personal thoughts and thus it might not match with your personal judgement.

1-Lionel Messi

simply saying, he really is a magician. last season was a disaster for Barcelona just because he was a bit injured! it just says how important this little magician is for the club. people always said that Messi isn’t as bright as Barcelona is Argentina but those people will find it hard to talk after his performance for Argentina in the world Cup. He brought Argentina to the final of that tournament all by himself and that says why he is so great. AT this moment he really is the best player of the world.


2- Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo have the same problem as Messi but due to the fact his team isn’t expected to do much in the world cup has put him in the back foot. However his overwhelming performance in the league which Rivals Messi is really out of the world. He won the Champions League last season and the Ballon d’Or. there is barely any doubt that he is one of the best of the world at the moment.


3- Luis Suarez

Made quite a lot of trouble by biting an Italian player in the world cups. But before that his performance was really good. Not only that he was the major goal scorer for Liverpool last season. He was the top scorer as well. So there is no doubt about the capability of this player. he has both capabilities and experience to make a difference. he may not be on Messi or Ronaldo’s level but he shouldn’t be underestimated.


4- Arjen Robben

many might wonder why is this old man here. he is nearly at the end of his career as a player but look at the performance he is providing for both his national team and his club and everyone will know why is he so up in the list. he is dangerous and he is sharp. he runs fast and knows what he should do and that makes him a really accomplished striker.


5 – Manuel Neuer

No one should complain with this choice. Neuer is perhaps the best goalkeeper of the world at this moment and he might surpass Iker Casillas. With his blazing performance in the World Cups, Germany managed to win the tournament. Not to mention he helped Bayern Munich to win the legionnaire tournament as well. He is the top candidate for Ballon d”Or this season as well.


6- Neymar

Brazillian Neymar is thought to be a football prodigy. Scoring 4 goals in his first world cup proves that and not only that he couldn’t play after quarter final. In Barcelona he is very bright and although Messi is taking most of the spotlight but Neymar will leave his mark on the world and there is no doubt. This striker is the 6th on our list because of his performance, talent and capabilities.


7- Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Even though he couldn’t do much in his team Jersy but this play-maker is doing very well in Paris Saint Germain. In french league this player is already one of the best scorer and he is continuing his good form for quite a while. So there isn’t any doubting his capability as a striker. he also played for barcelona before but that wasn’t a very good experience for him. Now he looks more mature as a player and that is important as well.


8 – Paul Pogba

pogba is French sensation. He was declared as the best rising player in the world Cups. his play at Juventus already earned him the respect of many players and opponents alike. this midfield sensation is continuing his blazing form and he played extremely well in all sort of tournaments. Many famous clubs wanted to get him but he decided to stay in juventus. His immense talents brings his in our list.


9 – Philipp Lahm

Another midfield sensation. Germany’s Lahm is one of the oldest players in Germany team at the moment. he is not only experienced but also very talented. His strong shots, passing capabilities and the ability to hold the ball in the midfield is astonishing. his performance in the team and in his club has brought him to the 9th position of our list.


10 – Angel di Maria

the last player in our list is Argentine Angel di Maria who moved from Real Madrid to Manchester United this season. Manchester’s poor form started to lift off after he went there. that explains his capability as a player. In the world cup he controlled the midfield for Argentina and he also won the Champions League last season. not only that, many Argentine fan says that the reason Germany won the world cup instead of Argentina is because Maria didn’t play. he is in the 10th position of our top ten list.

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