Muslim Footballers in Premier League 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, July 7th, 2013 | 85

How many muslim player in EPL 2013

Premier League season is just around the corner as the first match will be played on 18th August 2013 and in the meantime many Premier League players who happen to be Muslims will be fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and that is somthing Premier League manager of the concerned players have to look at before the season gets underway.

There are fair share of Muslim players in the Premier League and we take a look at each and every player, where he is from and what clubs he has played in English Premier League. Some of the player are pretty high profile with the likes of Samir Nasri, Yaya Toure who play for Manchester City, quite a few in Arsenal and some surprise names who you never though are practicing Islam with Bosnia born Manchester City player Edin Dzeko.


Mesut Ozil Salary 2014Mesut Özil
Nationality: German (Turkish roots)
Club: Arsenal
Age: 24

adnan januzaj muslim playerAdnan Januzaj
Nationality: Brussels, Belgium
Club: Manchester United
Age: 19

Rahim Sterling is muslim footballerRaheem Shaquille Sterling
Nationality: English (carribian roots)
Club: Liverpool
Age: 18

Abou Diaby Muslim Premier League playerVassiriki Abou Diaby
Nationality: French
Club: Arsenal
Age: 27

Adel TaarabtAdel Taarabt
Born: Morocco
Nationality: French
Club: QPR
Age: 24

Ahmed Elmohamady
Born: Basyoun, Egypt
Nationality: Egyption
Club: Sunderland
Age: 25
Ali Al-Habsi
Born: Oman
Nationality: Oman
Club: Wigan
Age: 31
 Armand Traoré
Born: Châtenay-Malabry, France
Nationality: French
Club: QPR
Age: 23
Bacary Sagna
Born: Sens, France
Nationality: French
Club: Arsenal
Age: 30
Damba Ba
Born: Sèvres, France
Nationality: French
Club: Chelsea
Age: 28

Kolo Touré
Born: Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Club: Arsena, Man City, Liverpool
Age: 32
Leon Osman
Born: Higher End, UK
Nationality: English
Club: Everton
Age: 32
Mamady Sidibe
Born:  Kremis, Mali
Nationality: Malian
Club: Stoke City
Age: 33
Marouane Chamakh
Born:  Tonneins, France
Nationality: French
Club: Arsenal
Age: 29
Marouane Fellaini
Born:  Etterbeek, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Club: Everton
Age: 25
Mohamed Diame
Born:  Créteil, France
Nationality:Senegal, French
Club: West Ham United
Age: 26
Edin Džeko
Born: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Club: Man City
Age: 27
Moussa Dembele
Born: Wilrijk, Belgium
Club: Tottenham
Age: 37
Papiss Cissé
Born:  Dakar, Senegal
Nationality: Senegal
Club: Newcastle United
Age: 28
Samir Nasri Samir Nasri
Born: Marseille, France
Nationality: French
Club: Arsenal, Man City
Age: 26
Yaya Touré
Born: Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Club: Manchester City
Age: 30
 Younes Kaboul
Born: Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France
Club: Tottenham
Age: 27
Full Name: Hatem Ben Arfa
Born: Clamart, France
Club: Newcastle United
Age: 26

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  • salah ali adan

    way ku mahad sanyihiin

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      i am happy with my muslim brothers

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      Mousa Dembele is not 37…

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        LOL, I missef that myself!

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    I luv u en may our Almighty Allah protect of of u frm ur enamies

  • zammeel

    I luv u en may our Almighty Allah protect ol of u frm ur enamies

  • john

    Disgusting how a religion that is so damaging to society has been allowed into our beautiful game

    • Admin

      @ John,

      you are typical uneducated moron

      • Hamza

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        • saleehu

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      • Javed

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        U need help

    • Oscar Molotov

      What are you talking about non of these players are jewish.

    • NN

      u should respect other people’s religion john.. think about it dude

    • Aphixco

      John…Islam is the only religion that preaches PEACE and EQUALITY..Do to others what u want them to do to you

    • Musa

      John I’m guessing you are a regular at EDL meetings and Raleigh’s in fact I bet you have no qualifications and uneducated .
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      Hi John before you brand Islam why not understand what its about before criticizing. Human beings cause havoc not the religion.

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  • Fazley

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  • Fazley

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  • Tommy Robinson (EDL)

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    • cr7

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        Learn to Respect bro, May God bless u and guide to right path

  • farouk sekabembe abu

    Allah bless u all

  • Buhari Ahmed janyau (@bajanyau)

    Muslim player carefull islam god protect you.

    • ibrahim

      salam ‘alaykum brethrens,he(john) has said his opinion based on what the media has fed him about i will advice he makes his finding from other sources than those news we are fed please lets stop using abusive words,Allah(God of Abraham) doesnt support that we do that.and we dont have Islam god,wat we have is God of all that exist,the one who created all that exists,the one who delivered children of israel from pharoah,the one whom we would account to on the day of in english lang,you call Him God,so He is called in Arabic language, so do your findings before a day we will all account for our endeavours on earth comes&on dat day its either one is admitted to hell(which we all underestimate its temp), or one is admitted to paradise,&this is a day one would not be able to return to earth to rectify ones actions, dat is the puepose of our current existence.brethrens lets return to the book of Allah,and work righteously,may Allah guide our affairs aright.Ameen

  • Abbas Ramata

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  • Abdul-Fatawu Andani

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  • cabdiqaadir anelka

    iam very happy to see 20 muslim player in primier league

  • brima

    I am so impress to know that Islam is playing in the lives of very good players.Guys,keep it up as Islam is the only way to heaven.

  • Dcfc ben

    @ Maloni
    We evolved its been proven where’s gods / Allahs hands in that check it up come on if you think your going to some heaven you fucking drunk religion is written by man simples 🙂

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    • david

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  • ibrahim

    Islam= Religion..answer No it is a complete way of life….Only those of mankind who look and search for the truth with a open mind without prejudices will be enlightened when they seek the truth.
    This is why there are more people turning to Islam than any other way of life….FACT.
    Put your brain washed media hyped lies and fabrications to one side and read learn about how Islam shaped the world for over a thousand years.
    How Islam gave special rights to women and the poor truly God has power over all things.
    You will never know what Islam is until you learn about it or you can always stay ignorant….after all most people who accept Islam always comment on how they were ignorant to Islam because of what was said or mentioned in the press….so help yourself and read about it….In Sha Allah.

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  • Mr Hindu

    These all seem to be westernised football muslims not those dirty Asian ones lol.

    • Mr Hindu

      Just to remind all you Islamers, theirs 32m Christians, 3m Hindu, 3m Jewish and 2m others all hate muslims guess who’s gonna lose out, that not forgetting the 20m nutters who are non religious

  • William Hilldergarde

    The people commenting here are not muslim…because from experience they dont use foul language, or insult other people’s beliefs, even though they are tormented with such filthy sentiments as the ones I have read here. No. Muslims do not do that. Only the puppets of propaganda would do that. This clearly looks like some internet trolls, trolling each other. Well done. Half of you can’t spell for toffee either. Nasty little trolls.

    • Mohamed M. Komara

      Muslims are aware that the world is rich with diversity of faith and cultures. They also know the intolerance of some citizens of this world towards anything divine. Such intolerance only strengthen true Muslims and make them to pity the state of opponents

  • abdi

    god bless everybody allah hu akbar

  • Stupid goat

    Hey you guys calm down maybe our religion are not same but honestly I’am neutral so get done of it and stop the fucking debat

  • harris Umar

    Don’t mine my fellow muslims arroun the world. Allah is with us and protect us. I LUV ISLAM ALLAHU AKBAR.

  • fair

    this page is for muslim footballers..Not for disscusing reliogin

  • LOL

    Islam is made up *SPOILER* science is true FACT.

  • RVP

    I think that every one who has written a comment agrees that john doesn’t know what he is talking about and is in severe need of help. John think before you comment

  • Mohamed

    Yes it’s true ther are Muslim foot ballets less than the muslim kiler bombers


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  • Muhammad Waqar

    Happy to see most of them are from France.

  • Mzserlozvic

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  • zain

    im sure edin dzeko is not a muslim

    • Melodic Death

      he is

    • izwan

      He is muslim

    • Su’di Awiif

      Don’t say that He is Muslim I know

  • sara

    edin dzeko is muslim 😉 100%. He is bosnian, bosnian are muslims

    • izwan

      Edin Dzeko is truly muslim.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim

    salama aleykum dear bros and sister

  • Ahmed Ibrahim

    is fellaini realty

  • Tutla

    He is, Just saw in put up his hands in prayer (the Islamic way) on the pitch for the Man City vs WBA Game.

  • izwan


  • Yousuf

    Sterling is not muslim

  • Laoye Suleiman Abubakar

    Edin Dzeko is a Muslim devote Muslim he use to say Surat l Fatiha anytime he enter field according to social media source

  • Su’di Awiif

    What is wrong Sterling he is not Muslim

  • Ruzaiq

    I know sterling is not muslim
    Is Leon Osman muslim

  • Kieran

    Sterling is not a Muslim, hes a Christian

  • ceejayrfc

    dont know what to believe on here as STERLING IS CHRISTIAN

  • Carlos Alejandro


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