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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 | 10
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What you want to see in FIFA 14 ?

There are still 5 months to go in the FIFA 2014 released date, as EA usually release fifa at the end of September or at the start of october. FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 have been great success in the last two years and they have taken a head and shoulders above lead over their direct competition Pro Evolution Soccer. The improvements in FIFA 13 were great but now EA would like to take FIFA to the next lever as new gen consoles have been announced and this probably be the last FIFA on current gen consoles.

Here are some solid Idea which can help improve the game, you can also write down the suggestion in the comment section and we will be publishing them here and we will try to pass all the good ideas to EA so that they know what FIFA fans are expecting in this year’s version of the game.

FIFA 14 Wishlist

I have been playing fifa since 20th century ( oh yes ) and my favouirte FIFA game is FIFA 10, although EA made huge improvements in FIFA 13 it have some flaws which according to me are annoying and if they can fix it this year, i will be the first one in the ques to buy new game.

FIFA 14 Gameplay Imrovment ideas:

1. Fix first touch, it is quite annoying.

3. Make pace and speed slightly less effective

4. Longer seasons – 10 games a season isn’t enough – 30 needed imo

5. Only 1 club should be allowed in 1 season


7. More custom tactics options (keep you engaged with the game)

8. the number of players trying to jump for a header should be more than 1 or 2

9. Bring Ball Boys beside the pitch, realistic feeling and some (eden hazard touch to the game)

10. Coin toss at the start of the game.


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  • Ludwig

    better groud quality

  • Teejay

    One thing me and my mates have always thought would be that there was a age rating 18+ fifa and in this version you would be able to retaliate to bad tackles, little pitch bust ups you see on tv, make the injuries more realistic I.e be able to see the cuts, broken legs and show close ups on the replays etc just like you would as if you was watching the football highlights on tv. Also with the be a manager section you should be able to just be the manager and actually watch the game instead of still having to play the game. But the main idea I want to suggest and would love to see on fifa is a “true story mode” you start off as a kid that gets scouted and get offered a trial etc and you go through the ranks just like any footballer would. Off the pitch scenarios like clubbing, self training, being able to have your created prospect interact with the media an such and each choice you make will effect the path your created player will take, like going out and heavily drinkin one night and going to a match the next day will effect how well you play, doing self training improves attributes quicker if the challenges are passed basickly just mixing a game like the sims with fifa. You say you want to make the best fifa yet and also make it as realistic as possible without taking the fun out of it well me and many others believe this is an idea to help that happen because many many people would love to live the life of a football superstar but many aren’t able to so therefore can live there dreams and fantasies through the game itself and to be honest who wouldn’t love to be able to have bust ups on the pitch, sign autographs at the end of the match, talk to the media and create real fuedes with other players/teams that brings drama on and off the pitch, being able to get upto the good and bad off the pitch on a normal day like footballers do, interact with women and find yourself a wag or be a womaniser and flash the cash buying cars and doing commercials, getting band for taking drugs etc, assaulting players on the pitch for no reason like suarez biting incident lol but seriously who wouldn’t love to do all that within a game uh ?? Also my girlfriend has said which I’m sure many other women would agree on this but there should be a gameplay for female footballers, personally I think its a good idea because as we all know there are professional female footballers that are better than some of the male professionals so why shouldn’t the women have there part within fifa ? As for the idea about the “be a ref” I think it an non-practical idea and will be a waste on time, money and resources from EA, it will only be an idea that will be enjoyed by a small amount of the population that play fifa and even then will soon get bored and will just end up being one of those phases that are shortly enjoyed then left untouched. The “true story mode” IS the way forward and will permanently enjoyed by EVERYONE that plays fifa and to be honest with that addition it wouldn’t surprise me if it caused the kinda of people that wouldn’t even think about playing fifa usually, to sit down and play the game just for that gameplay. The “true story mode” gameplay could even bring in more revenue for EA as it will attract gamers that wouldn’t usually buy a copy of fifa. Please have a think about these ideas. Cheers 🙂

  • Daniel Campbell

    More leagues such as Northern Irish league, Welsh league and Conference!

  • Matious

    Fixing the career mode bugs is the most important thing …
    allowing the virtual pro to change position or train to play in other position in order to unlock achievements or allowing the virtual pro to be in friendlies …

  • edison arantes

    I think FIFA 14 player career mode have to be like this game

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    I think it would be cool for players after the match to shake hands, not like in FIFA 13 where for example Bayern players only shook hands with teammates and referees, they should all like shake hands and talk, small detail, cool gesture.

  • Cheslyn

    I think the true story mode is a good idea to put in FIFA 14 career mode and I’m a PC user I love FIFA PLZ put AFRICAN Leagues in . And make it more realistic let the FIFA users feel like they are in the game they living there dream winning WORLD CUP winning Champian leagues and it must feel like u playing a WORLD CUP or a Champian league cause FIFA 13 career mode feel like every game u play feel the same the champian cup and World cup plz put in FIFA 14 all of the FIFA users ideas cause we no where u can make it beter thanks for letting us give our ideas for FIFA 14 I no its gona be amazing

  • Cheslyn

    In FIFA 14 when u play Manager mode when you buy a player let us see how the player Travels to the nation where he’s new club will be with the air plain let us see the plain land and how the player come out of the plain and the news reporters run to the pain to interview the player that will be cool just to see the player travel to he’s club from England to Spain from africa to Europe and when the player is in the nation shows us the nation how spain looks like it must feel like we in spain and when we in England it must feel like we in England show us the Beautiful Places in England then Beautiful places of Spain the Beautiful places of italy and when a player get hurt on the field we will like to see how the player leg is broken or Brushed or a cut tell the player fight put that in FIFA again plz use my idea

    • Cheslyn

      I mean let the players fight put that in FIFA again

  • aditya

    the celebrations camera should be close.

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