FIFA 13 Seasons – How to win matches and Win Division 1

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 | 49

FIFA 13 Seasons Explained:

Every player starts in the Division 10 and you have to go through from Div 10 to Div 1 and try to win the title in Division 1. Obviosly more higher you go in the divisions harder the matches you well get against more experienced and dedicated Fifa players. This is really addictive mode and once you start playing it almost become obsession to win the title of Division 1.

Each season is split into 10 games. You get 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. Depending which division you are in you will get a certain points target for promotion or relegation. The higher the division the more you’ll need for the title and/or promotion.

Which teams to use?

This is all down to individual preference really. I dont use 5 start teams more often and i like to play with teams who are 4.5 or 4 star teams and Sometimes I’ll drop to the lower divisions and use a championship or league 1 club to mix things up a bit. When you are playing with a 5 star team you mostly end up playing against Real Madrid or Bayern Munich they are reall strong teams on counter attacks.

How to play in FIFA 13 Seasons

– possesion is awesome, keeping possession is crucial
– Mix up your play ( use crosses, long balls and long build ups)
– Use your goalkeeper; rush him forward when needed, makes it difficult to score against
– Pick a formation and stick to it (allows you to become familiar with where players will be when you have the ball in certain areas)

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  • meintum

    I have played over 1500 matches in seasons but never won div 1 title. Why ? because this game lags. sometime i win 10-12 matches in row and than i go winless in 15 matches. this is some sort of momentum thing in this game.

    • James

      To be honest mate I think you just need to come to terms with the fact that you’re not great at the game. Granted that sometimes it doesn’t go your way but that’s football/gaming. I’ve not played as much as I’d like but since i bought the game I’ve had consecutive promotions/league titles up to division one. Never even staying in the same league. Surely the “scripts” should’ve stopped me from doing that??? And stopped me from getting to roughly 50 wins 6 draws and 8 losses. Man up and stop blaming everything else

      • Audi009

        The “Scripting” is real. It’s like in 5/10 matches. But in all serious Meintum is obviously bad at the game because scripting wouldn’t happen 15 games in a row, as stated.

    • Michael

      Yes the lag absolutely ruins this game. I have won Div 1 twice now but they only thing keeping me from winning ALOT more is simply lag. People with terrible skill can beat you because of lag. This lag is never from my end.

      I don’t believe there is scripting but goals at the 45′ and 90′ are a joke. Defenders leave open holes like the parting of the Red Sea.

      • JC

        That is exactly what people mean by scripting, surely. The defenders are also massively static after kick off (so much so that 90% of the people in higher divisions go straight for a long ball over the top 2 passes after kick off). You are also extremely likely to concede a cheap goal after going 3 up – you can spot it happening – “my players can’t pass, can’t tackle, they screwed up their shot, and the 3 follow up shots, so this corner will definitely be a goal” every game. Equally to my benefit often as well, so I’m not whining cos I’m crap.

    • Julio

      Well I experienced the opposite. I’m terrible at this game but for a while I could do no wrong. All the loose balls bounced my way all the opportunities presented themselves and my team was running. I shot up 5 divisions in row but it didnt last. Soon after I was relegated straight back to division 10. It does seem like some teams have godlike abilities.

  • Adrian

    help me!!

  • Mario

    If you played that many games and have not win the league it’s not the games fault. I’ve won division 1 at least 7 out of 10 times. Blame lag all you want. There’s so much you can do about it but to play through it. I’ve won games that were obviously scripted for the opponent to win (fast players getting outpaced, misplaced passes( I average about 85-90% pass accuracy) and defending mishaps- players stopping or falling after tackles) And I use 4-4.5 star teams- Cagliari, chievo, Palermo, anderlecht If I’m Feeling kinky

    • Nat (@natmiller556)

      i’m not the greatest at fifa but I know if your losing that much lag is not the problem.

    • Marinho

      Hi Mario
      Which formation and tactics do you use when play with Cagliari?

  • Admin

    @ Mario

    you are at xbox or PS ? if on xbox add me ruudarch and get your ass whooped 🙂

    • Felipe

      Add me so I can teach you some manners -> “jucachelsea”

  • Ahmad

    @Mario: so its not only me who getting his players fuked up when reach div2 .. all passes are wrong and the players are not moving at all .. and they lag about 1 sec while the opponent run and pass like devils and no matter what i try .. i keep losing till i drop to div5 then things get back to normal .. THIS IS EA FIFA13 .. its not me losing and its stupid and shit .. i hated the game for that

    • Esteban

      I’ve experienced exactly the same thing. You get stuck in a rut and it feels like players lag, and all passes go wrong, defense makes all kinds of mistakes, the opposer just feels superior. But I do NOT think that this is characteristic of the game. I think is more of a psychological thing. One has to overcome the rut, that’s it!

      • the_don_dadda

        Momentum is real in this game. Sometimes I can win 15 games on the trot and then lose 15 on the trot. Sometimes recalibrating the controller works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Psychology cannot explain a pass completion ratio going from a consistent 90% to 70% in a heart beat. It’s frigging annoying!

        • JC

          I don’t know if it is “momentum” or if its connection – one session I am unbeatable, my players cannot be tackled and I score 3+ every game. Next 3 sessions over three days I lose every game by 2 clear goals, my players pass the ball off the pitch, they fall over when in strength battles, they are nowhere near the opposition etc.

  • Admin

    @ ahmad
    dude you say when you reach div2 you cant win because of lag right ? but when you drop to div5 you start winning ? it looks like you have to learn the game more than blaming lag…. nah just kidding fifa lag sucks sometime. sometime you go and win 7-8 matches in a row and sometime you lose against players who can are rookie players…

  • eandradejr

    I’ve had the same/similar issues with lag and scripting….sometimes i get the feel that the moment i get the ball, lag comes in…is the opponent starting a download to create this? i have certainly played with a lot of people who seem to benefit from this…not to mention that when youre beating a bigger team, the engine will do everything to make you lose…i can understand some pressure and some programming geared at creating the same effect as a great team’s reaction to getting scored on at home…should i just send everyone into defence when that happens? is there very little chance of going around this? I understand the need to create realism, but some parameters are geting tweaked too hard….not to mention fouls on players that are about to run through….so many times, players gets knocked down, and no call…whatever, its an awesome game when its normal, but when that ish kicks in, i just laugh and turn it off…im not an idiot, i know somethings are being altered, and im not the only one who notices (obviously)…i have also had it confirmed that some people (especially mexicans and brazilians :)) purposely add lag to the game once u get possesion because it screws with everything. whatever, hopefully fifa14 will circumvent some of these issues or at least apply them more realistically.

    • bali

      Dude I just had a game where I won 5 in a row then I played this idiot who really sucked.. I had 18 shots on target. 20 shots on goal most right in front of goal.. NO GOALIE! and I missed. Now I hear these people tell me there is no scripting??? Friggin ridiculous bull crap!!! Its so frustrating and then having some guy write you saying how u suck.. When the y shot the ball 3 times and got a goal to my 18 shots. Ha ! Retarded!

      • Admin

        @ bali

        exactly today i was playing quite a few games, and I know when i am playing well and what kind of player i should not lose too. But sometime in a certain game my players miss chances which normaly are goal %100 and on the other end opposition score with a %50 chance. that really sucks man. it really does.

  • Jah Bless

    All you people talking about this conspiracy scripted lag n stuff are sore losers. Its a mental thing, you start losing because you get frustrated, and then you want to blame something else. Im sure some of you are good players too, but if you let it get to your head you will always lose. the secret is to enjoy each game, don’t be tense, and simply enjoy the fact that your playing an amazingly realistic football game. If your not enjoying it you should probably take a break. I my self have experienced what you talk of; the lag, bad passing straight to opponents strikers, and slower feeling players. But thats when you need to take a deep breath and relax, maybe even turn the console off for a while n get some fresh air. and then when you come back to it you will DOMINATE!
    the game doesn’t cheat you. you are the creator of your own environment, its all in your mind, letting your play flow can win you division 1 in a heart beat. Sensemilla helps

    • Felipe

      Perfect comment. Nothing to add.

    • J

      Sensemilla is the answer

    • JC

      The opposite occurs though – my players sometimes feel unstoppable, and just ride tackles. If I am 2-1 down and have a corner on 90 minutes, then it is going in, and the reverse if I’m the one winning. Certainly many aspects are down to the player, but too many in this game are not.

  • Ashley Rod

    I do not know if there is a lag or a script, but I definitely believe there are many occasions when things do not go your way e.g. players seem super fatigued and take their own sweet time to pass the ball and hence get tackled or intercepted, my shots are way off target or shots being superbly deflected by the opposing goal keeper and also when the opposition successfully tackles you close close to 100% accuracy and your’s is ~20%. I even try to set my team to all defense and keep possession, but none of them work. But, there are occasions when momentum shifts my way and I thrash the opponent. So, I think it is the law of averages and can only hope that the “lag” or “script” do not come into play on critical games. It can be super frustrating when you are close to winning division 1 and you remain at this level.

    Does any one have a problem facing Bayern Munich, my success rate against that team is poor. If I score 1, they end up scoring 3, if I score 4, they end up scoring 6. I take Madrid and struggle all the time to keep pace. Their defenders seem to out pace Benzema, Ozil, DMaria and Modric. Lahm seems to compete well with Ronaldo’s pace. Seems strange…

    • Admin

      Hey man, you are absolutely right. I find Bayern Munich as the hardest team to beat online in seasons and i always play with Manchester United. Bayern Munich always seem to score goal through wings with absolute fast players in Robber and Ribery. Cross goal, counter goal.

      • Philipna Gina from Danshui

        Switch to 5-4-1 England and stick both Ashley Cole and Leighton Baines on Robben and you will find that BM are easy to beat.

    • James

      To be fair you may be right with teams like that. Try using four star teams in your season, using them has got me to a record of 56 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses (I’ll give you my PS username to check if you need to). Pick a team that gives you an advantage in the right areas that play to your strengths.

      For example I use Aston Villa a lot and no one else ever seems to. They have a slow defence but you can combat that with good positioning. Their man threat though is up front, Gabby Agbonlahor and Darren Bent out pace pretty much any defender in 4 star teams making one on ones easy to come by with quick passing.

      Also they’ve got N’Zogbia who is very fast and skillful so getting crosses in is easy to do as well.

      At four stars you play a lot of people who want to be Santos because of Neymar, granted hes quality but hes only one man so Santos are very easy to play against. Give Villa a go, trust me

  • PJ

    My problem recently has been people cutting the connection when i’m winning. It says its calculating the result but several times it basically ignores the game and puts you back to where you were. Today I was 7-1 up with less than 10 mins to go – connection got lost, and then the stats fail to acknowledge the game ever happened. Very frustrating!

    Anyone else experienced this?

    • Felipe

      Yes, it does happen sometimes. What I usually do is resert the console and connect back to seasons. It seems like the server is able to recover the lost data that way. But it works like 90% of the time. I also end up being ignored from time to time.


    how many seasons do i have to play in order to complete the season mode? cos i have won leagues, champions and

  • gotze

    obvioulsy it’s not a script.. because i’m in division 1, winning 8 games out of 10 on average CONSTANTLY and won many many div 1 titles…
    if it was scripted, i couldn’t have done that.. understand?

    • Ruud

      if you are winning div 1 title all the time, why would you come to this page ? dont understand ?

      • gotze

        i just started playing ultimate team for the first time and googling some guide and just stumbled onto this page

        • Ruud

          lets have a game if you are on xbox

          hit me up at “ruudarch”

  • gotze

    i play on ps3 but my bro has x360 so maybe i can play on his xbox.. he’s also div 1 and won div 1 titles.

    • Ruud

      okay add me and maybe we can see each other online sometime 🙂 send me a message with tsmplug

  • bill roubanis

    Regarding the conments about scripting: Scripting disadvantages never last the whole game for 1 team. Remember: your defense will have holes at 45′ and 90′, and if you score in the first 5′ the game will give your opponent good opportunities to get that goal back–because he could’ve quit.
    To the guy that expects div. 1 titles after 1500 games: if you never played a video soccer game before and you play 1500 games online without practicing, playing the AI, reading blogs and playing friendlies you will be lucky if you are 400-300-800. Nobody has won a division 1 title without having played this game or EVO before this year. Those who claim they picked it up and are 290-30-45 in seasons are LIARS. I know over 100 players, and all the div 1 guys have played for years. And finally, even though I suck at this game, I happen to play on both Xbox & PS3, abnd I can tell you winning 80% of your games on PS3 is good but not great. If you are winning 80% on Xbox SEASONS ONLY (no lobbies) and you have over 500 games played, (40-0 is nothing, 300-50-150 is outstanding) you are one of the world’s best. The best players are on Xbox

    • James

      Agreed over your point about scripting. There is no favoritism in the game, therefore if you’re having a hard time one game it’s just as likely that the other player will be stitched up in your next game.

      How you can make the point that “winning 80% of your games on PS3 is good but not great” I don’t know. Especially seeing as by your own admission you’re useless at this game. So odds are you’re only playing around div 4/5 at best. Surely you’d have to be playing the better players to have some sort of idea of who’s better??? I’m not going to get drawn into the “which console is better debate” because that’s boring and pointless.

      I’ve played in div 1 on both systems and I’ve always found ps3 players to be much more difficult to play against. But that’s likely to be luck of the draw anyway because there is absolutely no reason why one set of players would be better than the other. Anyone who argues otherwise is either biased, looking for an argument or idiotic.

  • bill roubanis

    I’ve played div 1 both platforms several times, but generally I’m stuck around div 3 and don’t improve much. What can I say, I’m a slow learner, I don’t practice specific things, and I play endless late night games sometimes while falling asleep on the console, and dropping from one division to the next, then climbing back up a few days later when I’m rested.

    My 80% comment was ridiculous, and I apologize. Anyone, on any platform, winning 400 of their first 500 seasons matches is world class. People play for years and take online courses just to be able to get to the point where they win half their games.

    About the platforms: I am located in Los Angeles–other places may differ. It very well could be psychological or just chance, but regardless, I am always one division better on PS3 than XBOX. PS3 div 3 is generally easy for me. I also friend and challenge top players sosmetimes to see how they play, and many accept. So even though I do kinda stink, I have an idea how the gasme is played at high levels

    My two friends who are permanent Div 1 players, one on PS3 and one on XBOX, both believe that xbox competition is generally tougher. They claim it is because the standard XBOX controller is better for this game than the standard PS3 controller. I am not sure. I am not an XBOX rep. I hate their greedy attitude. This is just an observation. Your experience may be different, but could it be that you live in the UK or US East Coast? Location may matter

  • Pallab

    I am just a beginner i fifa13(started only last week).I play on PC. Played a lot of fifa 12. reached season 5 in last 3days. Undeafeted in season till now. But i got beaten in head to head in online couple of times. Just want to know in season is all match up only vs players on pc or i get to play xbox or ps3 people also?

    • Admin

      @ pallab

      No man, if you are playing on PC you will only come up against PC players. online system is seperate for all the plateforms…

      And your progress is good so far, what star team you are playing with ? In div 4 upwards you will come against pace bullies who will always playing with bayern, real madrid..good luck 🙂

  • thines

    Over 2, 500 match I played and only managed to win division 1 title for 1 time only. win 808, draw 390 and lost this worst record in fifa ?

  • Macca

    FIFA is a joke u play Madrid v Madrid but still one team is faster than other, ronaldo can’t get away from defenders but then ozil for other person is rapid its a piss take same with corners u could have 10 & not get near winning 1 they have 10 & win every header. Don’t know about scripted but there is something going on.

    • James

      I agree, definitely something going on.

      That being that you’re not very good at the game lol. If you don’t like it try Tetris

  • ben

    I get the whole thing abou the lag, something is defo going on there, one day your kicking ass the next your losing, but I will say one thing about Bayern munich, basically half the trick on fifa is that you play how the team would play in real life, Bayern are amazing at counter attack the same as Germany, so you can expect that if your opponent is trying to play like that, the same with barca with them keeping the ball and passing around

  • BallerMan1123

    Won Div 1 using only Anderlecht letss goooooooooo

  • Fifa player

    You people can’t just expect to beat division one because you think your a good player, fifa is the same as real football, the more you train (play, learn) the better you will be, beating division one is a solid mission, don’t expect it to be a piece of pi$$

  • Finding_Zille

    Fuck off!

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