Eugenie Bouchard shares video of changing in public after ‘awkward’ sweat marks

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 | 0

It’s no secret Eugenie Bouchard is a woman with bold character. But her latest Instagram post might make you think ‘Is she one of the boldest tennis players ever?’

The Canadian has been going through a rough patch on court, which continued this week as well as she crashed out in the first round of the French Open following a tame 2-6 2-6 defeat at the hands of Lesya Tsurenko of Ukraine last week.

Bouchard, however, looked undeterred as she headed out to explore Paris. And she travelled so much so that she started sweating heavily, she claims.

What she did next is for you to read…

FULL TRANSPARENCY: I was wearing a pink shirt while sight seeing and I was sweating A LOT. The sweat marks were very visible to the point where it was awkward and people were staring. So I ran into a tourist shop and got a white ‘I [love]Paris’ shirt cuz at least white hides sweat marks better lol. Had to absolutely change right away outside the store. And girls, I know y’all feel me and have this skill cuz we’ve all been there doing a quick change in public lmao. The guy on the right is a fan waiting for me to change to take a pic hahaha poor guy witnessed the whole thing. Gotta do whatcha gotta do. ALSO please excuse my f bomb!!! My grandma films everything lmao

Alongside the captioned posted above, the 25-year-old shared a complete video of herself changing her topwear even as onlookers looked on.

No wonder, her 2 million followers weren’t in to keep calm.

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