Claudio Marchisio Red Card Video vs Uruguay

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 | 6

Claudio Marchisio has been sent off in the ongoing Uruguay game, leaving Italy defending for their life to keep their place in the world cup. At first glance it looked harsh but when I took look at the replays its one of those situations where if referee did not even booked him nobody would have said anything, but it does look like the ball was going away from marchisio who showed studs and the referee was in great position to judge it.

Claudio Marchisio Red Card Video vs Uruguay

Now we can argue as much as we like but the red card will stay and Uruguay has a chance to punish 10 men italian side who will be looking to shut up shot now and try to hold out Uruguay.

Its a shame to be honest, that a game of such significant will be settled with a stupid red card which sould not have been given in my openion. Now If Italians go out of the world cup this referee will be in massive massive trouble and he will be hoping that Italians do go through.

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  • Danielle de RIJK

    Bye.. bye Italiano!! It is not a shame at all that Italy did not make it. Claudio Marchisio deserves it and in fact the ITALIAN team also deserves it!! How did it feel now? ????

    • Dave Johnson

      He was the last person to touch the ball and was running to chase it down. His right leg was in the air already and coming down when Rios runs into him thus forcing his leg to extend into the other player. He got run into and could not stop his leg from moving. You are just as dumb as the refs. Red for that, but nothing for biting someone?Get OUT of here

    • Mike

      You are as dumb as the referee was! the unfairest red card ever!! such a shame for fifa… they should look into it and such referees should be banned for good! with the referee being so close to the situation, the only possibility that comes to my mind is that IT WAS DECIDED THAT ITALY MUST LOSE THE MATCH! Italy didn’t have any other choice!

  • Doug

    Probably felt the same as being bitten….

  • Faris yahya

    The referee is from Mexico,ofc he wanted uruguay to win.its too obvious.Stupid red card!!!


    Worst red card ever – put a dress on Rios. Oh! And the “biter” let him play with his teeth knocked out…

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