Don’t think friendship with Serena Williams ever possible: Maria Sharapova

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018 | 0

It’s not unknown that tennis rivals Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova don’t share a good bond. And that is likely to be the case for ever!

In a recent interview, Sharapova said that she shares a ‘professional’ relationship with Williams, brushing aside any talks of coming to cordial terms in the future.

“We have a professional relationship. I do not think that’s possible,” the Russian was quoted as saying by

“I have been lucky to have many friends since I was very young and they are very important to me. Let’s always be adversaries.

“Since I was little, when we had never faced each other, I felt this competitiveness, I wanted to show that I could win it.”

The duo’s off-court rivalry dates back to 2004, when Williams allegedly addressed Sharapova as a “b***h” after losing their Wimbledon final.

More recently, Williams hit out at Sharapova over her relationship with now-estranged boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov in 2014, prompting the Russian to question the American’s personal life.

Sharapova, however, stressed that she has immense respect for what Williams – a 23-time Grand Slam champion – has achieved over the years.

“For many years many things have been said about our relationship and rivalry. We should be celebrating what we have conquered,” the five-time Major winner said.

“We have very different strategies but we have both found a way to get to the top. I have a great respect for what she has done and for her ability to keep fighting to succeed.”



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