Zimbabwe balanced the series by destroying Afghanistan in 4th ODI

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 | 0

After facing two heartbroken defeat in the home ground against Afghanistan, Zimbabwe turned around and beat Afghan in following 3rd ODI which was staged in 21st February, 2017. But, yesterday at the 4th match of the series, the Chevrons has finally equalized the series by winning the match and now the both teams are even with two victory each. This was the good come back for the Chevrons and now, they have one match left which will be staged in 26th February, 2017. To win the series, one of the team must win the match and now, the series has come to the contesting moment. Basically, due to rain, the last match could not be staged with full over but reduced to 42 overs maximum. But, batting first time, Afghan players could not stand in front of the Chevron bowlers for long time and got packet with 111 runs which was chased easily by the Chevrons.

According to the field nature, toss winning team used to go for the bat first and Afghanistan did the same thing. But the crease was so much bad to bat first time and bowlers of the Chevrons took the chance to take them all. Including Shahzad, another player Ihsanullah started to bat but went to the dressing room with 0 run. No players of Afghanistan could cross 20 runs in the match but scored highest 19 individual runs by Asghar. Though, the match was reduced to 42 overs due to rain but they did not able to play the full innings but getting all out in 38.5 overs. Mpofu was the main bowler in that day who took three wickets for Zimbabwe.

The match was very important to Zimbabwe and if they lost the match, they were ruled out from the series. So, they did not want to make any single mistake but started to bat very carefully. Though, their target was so poor but they could also fall into the same accident. Mire and Moor the two openers of the Chevrons who failed to to do their job in last couple of match but played well in 4th ODI where Mire scored 46 and Morr remained unbeaten with his 36 runs so far. Team Zimbabwe total lost three wickets in the match to reach the target.

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