Who Will Win ICC Champions Trophy 2013 – Predictions

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 | 28

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Who will Win the Cricket’s One Day International event ICC Champions Trophy which is due to begin in the first week of June, and this is and always been one of the most competitive ICC event, even more competitive than the ODI World Cup itself. Why ? Well first of all we wont have any minnows in this event so the dead rubber matches are out of question, we have 8 top ODI teams divided into group of 4 each and top 2 will make it to the Semifinals and of course the big final.

All the 8 teams are capable of winning it, this is not the test championship where you need absolute technique and better players to win, its the 50 over event where any team can win it, in the past years though Australians had an upper hand but I remember West Indies winning it in India like a decade ago. So here we will previewing the teams with a short info and their chances of winning it.

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India in ICC Champions Trophy 2013

World Champions, coming into Champions Trophy on the back of mixed results in international cricket, all of their players were involved in the Indian Premier League and they did announce a surprising 15 man squad for the Champions Trophy. Without Sehwag, Ghambir and Yuvraj which means the old guard is making way to the young exciting talend of IPL and that is where the problem is, these young players are so much T20 oriented that when they take the field in longer versions they struggle. India got to change that and they do have two of the best ODI batsman in their team with Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni they will be the main stay for them.
Players to watch out Dhoni, Raina, Dhawan.
Rating: 7/10

Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2013:

Pakistan chances in Champions Trophy 2013
Unpredictable team, they really are although they are traveling to England without Shahid Afridi, and Umar Gul while young batsman Umar Akmal is also dropped. Which means Pakistan will be taking the field with defensive and moderate approach. Their bowling has always been up there with the really best but its the batting and fielding department where they struggle. Pakistan do tend to come good in big events and they are in the group where they will be facing West Indies, South Africa, India and I expect them to make it to the semifinals with India.
Players to watch out Junaid, Irfan, Misbah.
Rating: 7/10

South Africa in Champions Trophy 2013

South Africa Champions Trophy 2013
The chokers, always have been in ICC big events though ranked No.1 in the Odi and Test rankings South Africa will go into the ICC Champions Trophy as hot favorites, there form has been superb and they are really working hard on their approach of killing the games instead of choking. They have improved in bowling at the end of the innings while they have some of the best batsman’s in the team with likes of A B Devilliers, Hashim Amla, Kallis, Smith while in bowling they have Dale Styne who have been in sensational form of late. I expect them to go all the way to the finals, and winning the final is another matter.
Players to watch outDevilliers, Amla, Steyn.
Rating: 9/10

Australia in Champions Trophy 2013

A tamed aussies squad was announced for the Ashes 2013 in England and they were target of the mockery that they don’t have any big name player in the squad apart from Clark and Watson. They are shadow of a team from the Ponting and Steve Waugh era going through transition period and it will be interesting to see how they go about this event. Shane Watson is by far the most inform player they have both with bat and bowl while Clark the Captain will be main stay in the middle overs although he is not as good a player in limited over cricket than he is in Test matches. I am predicting an early exit for them in this event, they have England, Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the group and I can not see them going through this group, you might disagree and if you do use the comment box below for the incoming rants.
Players to watch outWatson, Starc, CLarke.
Rating: 5/10

England in Champions Trophy 2013

England in Champions Trophy 2013
The home side first time in many decades will go into the major event as one of the favorites and since this Champions Trophy is being played in England they will probably be expected to win one major ICC event, after all they have invented cricket. Their ODI performances have been great and before the Champions Trophy starts they will be playing an test and odi series against New Zealand and we can judge them more after that series. They do have some solid players for the limited over cricket with the likes of Morgan, Cook, Bell while in the bowling department their fast bowlers are the best they had in the last couple of decades. I expect them the make it to the semifinals and that’s about it. Why ? because they lack that cutting edge they never had and if you disagree use the comment box below.
Players to watch outCook, Swan, Anderson.
Rating: 7/10

New Zealand in Champions Trophy 2013:

Newzealand are kind of a team who do perform well in the group stages but as soon as they reach knockouts they become a totally different side and can’t perform to the best of their abilities, this has been the theme for so many years and we can rightly call them the big under achievers. They have some explosive batsman in their ranks with the likes of Brendan Mccullum, Ross Taylor but their bowling is their downfall , they are in the group with Australia, England and Sri Lanka and since they are playing an ODI series against England just before the start of the Champions Trophy after that we can really predict what to expect from New Zealand right now I am predicting a good showing in 1 match and two defeats and an early flight home after group stages.
Players to watch out – Mccullum, Taylor
Rating: 3/10

Sri Lanka in Champions Trophy 2013:

Sri Lanka have always been there and there about in the big events, they won the World Cup in 1996 and have been in two World Cup finals since than while they were also two times finalists of T20 World Cup and with a very good group of players, I really expect them to go into the semifinals and if draw favors them and they are not playing against either Pakistan or India they do have a chance to make it to the Finals. There bowling and batting both are equally good and mixture of youth and experience give them and advantage over other teams and they should sail through their group which also have Autralia, England and New Zealand.
Players to watch out Herath, Jayawardene and Kulasekara.
Rating: 5/10

West Indies in ICC Champions Trophy 2013:

Unpredictable just like Pakistan, they have some great individuals like Chris Gayle, Bravo and it will be interesting to see with what kind of frame of mind they come up in the Champions Trophy, they have appointed Dewayne Bravo as their new skipper for the Champions Trophy, their battling department is sublime with Gayle, Smith, Chanderpaul but their bowling is miserable which is the weak link and they are in the group with South Africa, paksitan and India and I can see them winning any match to be honest, but atleast they get to play 3 matches for sure. for rants use the comment box.
Players to watch out Gayle, Bravo and Rampaul
Rating: 6/10

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  • awais

    pak will be win

  • Amir

    all though I wish India to win, I think Pakistan are very balanced and is the team to beat with a real aggessive bowling attack, Pakistan should win it

    • soubhick

      yes pakistan is a strong team though it is good team but west indies can win

  • Asad Khan

    pakistan will win it very easily

    • jaje

      yea u were so right. very easily the did it i mean were thrown out of semis by a thumping Indian victory over WI. Take that Paki..

  • Neeraj Aswal

    According To me, There are three Contestents , 1. Eng – Reasons – Their Conditions, Good Seam,Swing Attack. But apart from cook, Batting is not so good. And big factor is that Peterson is not playing for Eng in this Series. Their batting will be tested against sides like Pakistan & SA.
    2. Ind – Good batting line up (but can be tested against Seam and swing bowling in England), and Indian bowling line is also not so weak, because of new arrival B.Kumar and U Yadav.
    3. Pak – offcourse very good Bowling attack, but what about Batting? They are not so good. If their bowling will click they can easily defend score less than 200.
    4. SA – Good bowling, Good batting..but always weak in Knockout Matches, They can reach to semi’s. but final…i don’t think so.

    • Faheem

      I think You missed Australia because they are always performers….. either big players or not

  • Shankey Agarwal

    I think India win.

  • Suresh

    India win

  • soubhick

    indian will win but weat indies and austrila can changes to win


    pakistan but have to bat good , india allso but they have unxperinse pacer without zaheer thouf in slog over ( final over) if bowler can confedent to defend any score so india coud be n the batsman like ms dhoni virat kholi averaging 50 runs per mathe n raina shows every time since wc quirte n simi hi can make run slog over with telenders so its seen to be great contest i think it will be great chance for pakistan balence team and india who current 1. ODI TEAM


    this time its west indies who ll make it to finals and might win it…..they have lethal bowling attack and in batting if gayle fires at the top,then there is no question with two bravo’s following him…



  • Mayukh

    I think ENgland will win it ……..100%

  • Faheem

    My Semi Finalists
    1) South Africa
    2) Pakistan/ India
    3) England
    4) Austraila

  • Adil Mazher


    • jaje

      oh yea Insha Lulla.. Pakistan clashed out of even semis, forget abt winning the finals. hahaha

  • S-taaka( MMMMMMMMM)

    listen the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy is just like 1999 worldcup ……….Australia may have 90 % chance to win…South Africa 70% Pakistan 50%… England 60% instead of NW………..inshAllah India will only win one match from 1st tornament…. on 16th / 17th of june inshAllah india will get back to there home with lose faces……..on returning InshALLAh dhoni will gona be retire after such a huge pressure from indian fans or lobby. dhoni case will take india into a big trouble.. Dhoni case will be serious day by day…..All the people will against him…….Fans are almost hopless……on very first match india will inshAllah on 67/10. SouthA will inshALLAh gona win with very very big margin… here troubles starts for dhoni……… Dhoni please listen if u are reading this msn …plz retired form captancy untill unless ….u r in big trouble….just do it before………………..

    • biswa

      Have some respect for other countries my bro. U r not d 1 2 predict dhoni or team india’s future.

  • anas irfan

    Pakistan is a VERY STRONG TEAM and i will pray for the Pakistan cricket team to win against india on 15 june 2013 so best of luck team pakistan and all the best

  • anas irfan

    pakistan winner

    • biswa

      What do u feel now bro? Give a new prediction.

  • umesh

    dont underdog aussie cause we have proven everytime



  • dsfjsdk

    here pakistanis where are you mother fuckers? insah aala insaahalla…. India’s is going strong but where is pakistan? are they going back home?

  • Zeeshan Khaleel

    Pakistan never lost a match against india in icc champions trophy….
    But history is gonna change tommorow Pakis will see

  • biswa

    I think 4 teams are the genuine contender of this trophy- South Africa, India, Sri Lanka,England.
    Expecting a final between South Africa and India.

  • INdian papu sataybaz

    india will be favorite in final against SA…….india will have 95 % chance to win the final. so enjoy indians have a big party…..

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