VIDEO: Umpire Aleem Dar hilariously pretends to scratch ankle after signalling leg bye

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 | 0
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There are times when on-field umpires commit mistakes or are caught in a position where they find themselves in a position unable to make decision.

Veteran umpire Aleem Dar found himself in one such situation during the ongoing first Test match between Australia and New Zealand in Perth.

The incident happened early on Day Three, when a Mitchell Starc delivery struck New Zealand opener Jeet Raval on the pads.

At first, Dar deemed it to be a leg bye as the batsmen crossed ends, but later decided to reverse his decision by hilariously pretending to scratch his ankle.

“Well that’s an interesting one. Aleem Dar reached down and touched his ankle as if he was going to signal. You’re kidding me!” Fox Sports commentator Ian Smith was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Australia are currently in the driver’s seat. The hosts, after piling up 416 in the first innings, only let New Zealand score 166 runs.

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