Video Analysis: Tim Southee 7/33 against England at World Cup 2015

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New Zealand fast-bowler Tim Southee exhibited a lethal bowling performance to anchor co-hosts New Zealand to a humiliating victory over England at the World Cup 2015 on Friday. His bowling figure of 9-0-33-7 is the third best performance by any player at the sport’s mega event. Here’s the video analysis of his magnificent spell…

Wicket No. 1: Ian Bell (18-1)

A full delivery on the off stump lures Bell to go for the off drive. He is beaten and is beaten completely. The ball had a tad deviation going away from the right-hander, which eventually knocked down the stumps after the batsman’s misjudged drive.

Wicket No. 2: Moeen Ali (36-2)

A perfect yorker darted on the off stump. The left-hander had no option but to bump down his bat in order to save the stumps from the wrath of the ball. He misses and leaves his way to the pavilion. That’s sheer aggressive mindset from the kiwi seamer.

Wicket No. 3: James Taylor (104-5)

Another full delivery aimed on to the stumps. Poor shot selection from the batsman, who is deceived by the late divergence, and remains on the back foot to handle the fullish ball. The stumps get shattered, signaling Taylor to back to the hut.

Wicket No. 4: Jos Buttler (108-6)

Yet another fullish delivery just outside the off stump. It’s not really a half-volley, but Buttler checks his drive and consequently produces an outside edge off the bat. Wicket-keeper Luke Ronchi makes no mistake in bagging a regular one behind the stumps.

Wicket No. 5: Chris Woakes (110-7)

Southee has a fifer at the World Cup 2015! This one is pitched on the good length. Woakes is not interested in taking a big stride forward and defend it off the front foot, but stays back and the ball out-swings fine to carry along the off stump down.

Wicket No. 6: Stuart Broad (116-8)

A full delivery aimed towards the pads, Broad is locked in the horns of dilemma. He, eventually, tries to glance the ball towards square-leg area, but the ball gets in touch with the outside edge of the bat and travels up in the air. Daniel Vettori takes a fine diving catch running in from mid-off.

Wicket No. 7: Steven Finn (117-9)

Southee shoots a very full delivery for the batsman to attempt a drive. Four fielders await a potential catch in the slip cordon. And the ploy works! Finn outside-edges this delivery that goes straight into the hands of Ross Taylor at first slip. Southee now joins the elite list of bagging most wickets in a World Cup match.

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