Under-19 Cricket World Cup ready to start with 16 teams

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2016 | 0

Under-19 cricket world cup is scheduled to start very soon. Australia the world champions refused to play in this tournament as they have said that there are some security issues for them in the country that is hosting this tournament. The hosting country for this tournament is Bangladesh. They aren’t exactly a dangerous country to play in since there hasn’t been any incident involving any cricketers and not only that, many players played in the street of the country having fun with child’s and others and no harm has ever been done.

Still, they also canceled the two test matches that they were scheduled to play against Bangladesh in last year showing the same concern as security reasons.
After this announcement, there was a chance of other teams not wanting to come to Bangladesh as well but that did not happen. All the teams have confirmed that they are coming to Bangladesh for the tournament and the security arrangements can be as good as possible.
ICC is watching over the security issues themselves and thus there is no chance of any sort of disturbance happening during this tournament. Other than that, every team will be keeping their personal guard with them.
We hope that this tournament is a big success.

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