Umar Akmal banned for a day

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2016 | 0

Umar Akmal is been in the headlines of things for quite a few reasons and this time he is been banned from playing because of his behavior issue.
Its as if he has decided that one way or the other, he has to be the core of the news and he is been doing unnecessary things to prove his point. He is banned for only one match but his issues with behavior and other things may force the selectors to not allow him to play at all. Thus he will not be playing on the 15th January match and that is confirmed.

His rough behavior has been off the chart recently and that has caused him to be under the lime light for a while now.
Akmal behaved poorly with the coach after the coach made him come out late in batting in a local trophy final and he was punished for that. But it turned out that wasn’t the only bad thing he had done that day and his bad things included a lvl1 crime under ICC law. According to law, no player can have ore than one sponsor logo in their dress but on that particular day he wore a dress with 2 logos and because of that he was banned.
Even his national team coach said that his behavior I bad by every mean possible and this will hard him in his future. He also said that he is irritated by this sort of behavior.

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