Top 10 Man of the match winner in ODI

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In cricket, the players that gets the best performance of the day and lead their team to victory is given the man of the match award. Those players that gets this award are truly game changers and match winners. Here is the list of those players that got the man of the match award more times than any other players in history.

Sachin Tendulkar

All of these players are greats that have taken their country to new heights. Hope you all enjoy our list –

  1. Sachin Tendulkar –

Matches Played – 463

Man of the match – 62

Session – 1989-2012

The best batsman of the century and the Indian master blaster takes the first spot as the highest man of the match winner by far.

  1. Sanath Jaysuria –

Matches Played – 445

Man of the match – 48

Session – 1989-2011

Srilankan legend and one of their greatest players ever takes the 2nd place as one of the best match winner of history.

  1. Jacque Kallis –

Matches Played – 328

Man of the match – 32

Session – 1996-2014

South African great and one of the greatest all-rounder of all time takes the 3rd spot.

  1. Ricky Ponting –

Matches Played – 375

Man of the match – 32

Session – 1995-2012

Australian great and the greatest captain of history turn out to be a pure match winner for the Australian team as well. He takes the 4th position because his ration is lower than Kallis.

  1. Shahid Afridi –

Matches Played – 398

Man of the match – 32

Session – 1996-2015

Pakistani hard hitter, BOOM BOOM Afridi easily takes the 5th spot in the list as his ratio is the lowest among the 3 players with equal amount of man of the match award.

  1. IVA Richards –

Matches Played – 187

Man of the match – 31

Session – 1975-1991

West Indies player and one of the greatest of cricket history took the 6th place and his ration is quite high.

  1. Sourav Ganguly –

Matches Played – 311

Man of the match – 31

Session – 1992-2007

One of the best captains of Indian history and one of the best all-rounders that the world has ever seen takes this place.

  1. Kumar Sangakara –

Matches Played – 404

Man of the match – 31

Session – 2000-2015

Another Sri Lankan player and probably the best batsman of their history take the 8th position of the chart.

09 – Brayan Lara –

Matches Played – 299

Man of the match – 30

Session – 1990-2007

The owner of highest ever runs in a single test match in a single innings takes the 9th spot of our list.

  1. PA de Silva –

Matches Played – 308

Man of the match – 30

Session – 1984-2003

The third Sri Lankan player to make the cut in our top ten is this man and he reached great heights for his team.

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