Top 10 fastest double centuries in Test Cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 | 0

test cricket is known as the pinnacle of cricket game and performing there means you are a player of tremendous capability. Unlike in other formats of the game, here not only the players skill is tested but also the players endurance, patience, physical capability and concentration is tested at a tremendous level.

thus those players who marked their name in test match has always been regarded as hero in the game itself.

Getting runs in the test cricket is very hard since you have to consider the amount of time you stay in the field as well. What we bring you is the list of those 10 double centuries that was done the fastest in test cricket history. After all there are always those players that just blasts things off forgetting about the patience in this format.

here is the list –

  1. Nathan Astol, New Zealand VS England, 153 balls
  2. Ben stokes, England VS South Africa, 163 balls
  3. BR Shewag, India VS Sri Lanka, 168 balls
  4. BR Shewag, India VS Pakistan, 182 balls
  5. Brendon McCullum, New Zealand VS Pakistan, 186 balls
  6. BR Shewag, India VS South Africa, 194 balls
  7. Harshal Gibbs, South Africa VS Pakistan, 211 balls
  8. Adam Grilchrist, Australia VS South Africa, 212 balls
  9. Ian Botham, England VS India, 220 balls
  10. BR Shewag, India VS Pakistan, 222 balls


India’s dashing batsman, Shewag is ruling the chart with the most amount of entries and New Zealand have 2 players there as well. On the other had, players seem to burst out against Pakistan the most according to this list despite having one of the best bowling lineup in the world. Well, we will see if the future players can break these records and rise even further.

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